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Sound Effects Story: Fly Fishin’

The ds106 Digital Storytelling course Sound Effects Story Audio Assignment 70 gave me an opportunity to devote some time developing greater familiarity with Audacity and the sound source website, While I normally would turn directly to Apple’s GarageBand for something like this, I wanted to see how layering and track editing worked in the open […]

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Create with The Great

How would you like to have the support of six seven classic authors sitting at your table, collaborating with you as you compose your next great piece of writing? My friend and colleague Doug Peterson has a new blog post waiting every morning at 5:01 am, and this morning’s post prompted me to immediately launch the […]

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ChimpMonkey Recursion

Now that we’re into audio week, it was hard to pass up the Mainstreamed Chipmunkd’ Audio Assignment 494. After hearing Jolie’s “You Can Call Me Al-vin” last night, I just had to try it myself. While I found the Genesis classic “Carpet Crawlers” mighty wonderful at any speed, I decided to up-chipmunk The Chipmunks’ recent […]

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Reading A Monkey Movie

In looking for a film to fit into the I Can Read Movies assignment, I decided would start by repurposing my initial Monkey House vector graphic and work with Terry Gilliam’s 1995 film, 12 Monkeys.  Like Gilliam’s 1985 film, Brazil, the film is set in a dystopian future, but also introduces the wrinkle of time travel. […]

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Postcard from Camp Magic MacGuffin

Wow. The design assignment opportunity this week at Camp Magic MacGuffin has offered a gazillion ideas — I have a major list I could chip away at — and making the time to get to get to them has been a fun challenge. The Postcards from Magical Places Design Assigment 363 was a blast! I’ve […]

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Slide Guy at Camp Magic MacGuffin

So the Slide Guy took a bit of a visit to the MineCraft incarnation of Camp Magic MacGuffin this week, looking for appropriate places to practice his sliding skills. He was captured trying out the stairs at the Bunk Five Archery Range … … checking out the Bava lava at the camp centre, … and giving […]

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Bending Time

“Making night time work, A convenient answer, Bending the space-time.” FlickrHaiku, TwHaiku, InstagramHaiku I came across this solution, while seeking answers. While still not the long-promised DayDoubler**, it’s nonetheless a start. — At the Petro-Can, 10:10 pm.  June 11th, 2012. ______________________________________________ I would have seen a mock ad for **DayDoubler sometime in the mid-90s, posted […]

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On Being A Monkey

This is a preliminary post which will be added to over time.  Members of the ds106 digital storytelling group The Monkey House may be interested in some of these resources and hints for use with MineCraft. 1) Monkey Skins are available for your MineCraft dude (while you are waiting to customize your own). The Skindex […]

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Crafty Business

So! Campers have started to explore the MineCraft incarnation of Camp Magic MacGuffin in droves! Last Friday evening, a good number of folks showed up simultaneously within the virtual space, and by Tuesday evening, the area surrounding the Camp Centre had been transformed with a whole slew of new construction.  With a multiples of folks now […]

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