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My Kung Fu has Rust on Its Rust

Metaphor One: Kung Fu Back in the previous millennium (before they had their own short-lived series, and before that other momentarily topical and slightly longer running spin-off ), I used to really enjoy whenever The Lone Gunmen showed up on The X-files. Whereas Mulder and Scully were the often serious FBI suits that ran around […]

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Entre Nous

The Lyric Typographic Poster design assignment asks that you choose one of your favorite lines from a song and illustrate it using only typography. “Consider how the font, color, sizes and placement of the typography can reflect or emphasize the meaning of the words.” I’ve been meaning to use this lyric for the Lyric Typographic […]

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Wicker Baby: Ping Pong Frustration?

Perhaps you can come up with a better story than I have?   Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher) tweeted out a picture of this doll sitting on the wicker chair in the sun back on January 30th. At the time, the doll looked spooky and looked GIFable. I asked Jabiz for a few more pictures, and, despite […]

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This Man is Your Friend

Another ds106 assignment for Design Week is the ds106 Propaganda Poster: Create a propaganda poster for ds106. Use your photo editing software of choice and write a message to inspire your fellow ds106ers. If you don’t know Alan Levine (and many of you must, if you are reading this via the ds106 stream), then you […]

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Finding the NEW old ds106radio, friends …

I’ve been enjoying a lot of the new programming that has been shared recently on our NEW old radio friend, … This evening I’m hearing yet another wonderful episode of the CBC radio theatre series Nightfall that Grant Potter has programmed into the new Airtime station management software. (Now playing, The Chrysalids, earlier this evening, […]

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Can Four Bits Really Relate the Whole ???

Prologue Now I have known for years that two-bits is a quarter, and four bits is fifty cents. In fact, use of the word bits in currency terms had all but stopped before I was born, because I remember asking “what does two-bits mean?” when I heard my parents and aunts and uncles using the […]

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The ds106 GIFfer Inducted into The Smithsonianary Institute

Submitted in response to the ds106 Design Assignment 950, “A Memorial For Fairuz’s PC.” I decided to create a generic tribute to all the great workhorse computers of all ds106 artists — at some point, some day, your trusty computer will say, “I am done,” and it too, will take its place, in the Smithsonianary […]

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Photoblitzin’ Some Awesome

Thursday evening I undertook my first official, as-defined-by-ds106 photoblitz. With a time constraint of twenty minutes, only the immediately available surroundings as subject, and a randomly generated set of seven prompts for focus, I took 38 photos, and from those, selected seven to share (plus the two bracketing start/stop time photos). The images were photographed […]

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When Will this “Flash-in-the-Pain” be Over ??

So. Another day, yet another Flash update. In recent weeks, Apple has taken to remotely blocking versions of Flash which contain recently discovered security loopholes. Apple has also been doing the same for Java, essentially putting the onus on Adobe and Sun Microsystems to keep their code clean and free so that Apple can continue to […]

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Work Space (Animated GIF)

On January 14th, 2013, The Daily Create 372 asked for a photo “of your favorite place to work (desk, comfy chair, etc.),” and this was the image that I envisioned, my work space at home where I do the bulk of my ds106 stuff. It took a while to implement the idea. but here it […]

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If You Play a Guitar In Space, Can Anyone Hear you Sing?

The answer is definitely yes. People can hear you sing. Just released today. Just in case you haven’t seen and heard it yet. Or in case want to see it again. (You do!) Chris Hadfield (@cmdr_Hadfield), Canadian astronaut with guitar, and Ed Robertson (@barenakedladies), together with the Wexford Gleeks, a youth choir from the Wexford […]

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Manufacturing Radio: This is That

I’ve long been a fan of This is That, a radio program produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). If you have not yet heard it, or heard of it, I highly recommend it to your attention. My introduction to the show (on two separate occasions) came while driving in the car — and in […]

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