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  In the early wild-west days of the Internet, animated GIFs promised the world to web explorers in the form of flashy-yet-soon-to-be-gaudy under-construction signs. Shunted aside as more refined web design arose, animated GIFs have experienced a resurgence in recent years, and are now accepted as a true Art Form, with annual competitions and juried […]

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I’ve No Aversion to GIFfing

I had a instant case of GIF-eye-tis when I saw the poor Resident twitching away in the Aversion Therapy room in the episode A Change of Mind. This one little moment says so much about how The Village seeks to control the individuals and require them to conform to the stated norms. The carrot (“like […]

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GIFfing The General

I quite enjoyed the episode entitled “The General.” And given that I’ve been seriously delinquent in keeping up with my GIFfing, I’ve decided to remedy the situation by making a few. I all but leapt into my computer screen as soon as I saw the toy bank “pass collector” in this episode. These little mechanical […]

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That Number 2 In 3D for Prisoner106

I was quite taken aback with the introductory video for the #Prisoner106 Week One: Assimilation Week. That getup of that Number 2 (@ds106Number2, on Twitter) was wearing and the odd behaviour Number 2 was displaying jumped right out of the screen and and gave me an immediate dose of that old #ds106 affliction of mine, GIF-eye-tis. Throw in […]

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Forever Changed: The 1840’s Tate GIF Party Submission

I’ve been intrigued by the Tate Gallery’s 1840s GIF Party and have been looking to find the time to dive in and see what I might come up with. Any invitation to create a GIF is worthy of a response — but the opportunity to work with some old school art presents a specially unique […]

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EduPunks’ Animated Atlas: The DS106ification of Learning

Anya Kamenetz (@anya1anya, on Twitter) has a pending appearance today on ds106tv, and so yesterday’s The Daily Create for September 11th, 2013 asked us to celebrate the event: TDC612: We predict the next book by @anya1anya is about #ds106. Design her some cover art. I had to do a bit of research on the web […]

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Scaling Multiple Layers using The GNU Image Manipulation Program

There was a brief time when I switched hard drives (I’m thinking it was sometime during the late summer/early fall of 2012) when I poked around using GIMP to try to understand Animated GIFs because I didn’t have ready access to my Adobe Photoshop and there were some ds106 tutorials about GIFfing with GIMP.  While […]

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GIFestivus 2012: Is the Learning Fun Over?

Wow! Has GIFestivus2012 been a blast, or what? As I write this (originally dated January 18, 2013, but only published July 8th, 2013), I have something on the order of 14 posts on de•tri•tis that are tagged with GIFestivus2012 and couple of those have several GIFs on them, putting me at about 20 completed and posted GIFS. (As […]

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Animated GIF Movie Trading Cards: To Serve Man

From Movie Trading Cards, to Animated Movie Trading Cards Last night I worked on the Movie Trading Card assignment, creating a Trading Card aesthetic and then placing the Intruder and the Alien Woman within the template I had created. This was part of my attempt to work on some non-GIF assignments and get my 10 […]

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A Katamit’s Private Thoughts

With all that capacity up there in the braincase, the Katamit is able to both communicate telepathically with the earthlings, but also reserve some bandwidth for his own secure and private thoughts. Would that our intrepid hero Cryptographer Michael Chambers had spent more time trying to decipher the Katamit text before getting on that ship. […]

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