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Mask That GIF!

I was flipping through the DS106 The Daily Create twitter stream this afternoon and I came across a post by Mariana where she had tried out a GIF making app — ImgPlay. Her assessment was that the app created a rather large GIF (too large for Tumblr — been there!) and with some undesirable movement […]

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Nordic Leaders’ Consultation

The Daily Create #tdc1978 asks us “What are the Nordic Ministers summoning?” Clearly, given the state of global climates (both political and environmental), they are looking for guidance. Some of what the Magic 8 ball is suggesting might be of assistance …

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Chasing Down the Research Behind the 60000x Claim

So there is a claim that has been floating around since the 80s that “we process visual images 60000 times faster than text.” The claim has appeared in numerous powerpoints and keynotes, but it seems to have very little concrete research to support it. Alan Levine (@cogdog) has written numerous posts on the topic, and has […]

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Feet on the Ground, Head in the Stars

The Daily Create #tdc1973 asks us to “show that your feet are on the ground, or that your head is in the sky. Or visa-versa for that matter. Or both if you can?” It was an overcast day here, with rain, so I didn’t have any success getting an image until late in the evening, when […]

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Optom(etr)ist, With Both Eyes, in 3D

Today’s The Daily Create, tdc1484 asks us to take a stand on the age-old “glass half-full or half-empty” point of view. I say you are in charge of your own point of view, and if you’re going to have one, it should be informed from all perspectives. And it might as well be in 3D! […]

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Daily Create Shirt – 2017

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