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Not Worth GIFfing …

The Daily Create, tdc2007 offers up the Google Data GIF Maker as a tool for visualizing (and GIFfing) some data. BEWARE!! The Data GIF Maker is not (yet) worth using to make a respectable data GIF. When the Data GIF Maker first came out a month ago, I was intrigued and tried to get it […]

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Back in the Saddle?

The Daily Create, tdc1997 Show Us Your Bike has prompted me to get my bike out of storage, put some air in the tires, and take it out for a spin so that I could get a good picture. It was a great feeling to be moving on the bike again, and given that the summer break […]

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Themes on a Song of Peace from Finlandia

The Daily Create, tdc1979 asks us to share a song with a message of peace. I’ve always had a real fondness for Jean Sibelius’ Finlandia Hymn. The challenge thus became to select something nice from Youtube to share. As it turned out, there are a number of wonderful renderings available, and so, rather than choosing […]

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GIFestivus 2012: Is the Learning Fun Over?

Wow! Has GIFestivus2012 been a blast, or what? As I write this (originally dated January 18, 2013, but only published July 8th, 2013), I have something on the order of 14 posts on de•tri•tis that are tagged with GIFestivus2012 and couple of those have several GIFs on them, putting me at about 20 completed and posted GIFS. (As […]

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You’ve Come A Long Way, GIFby

Watch your step on the sidewalk of yesteryear’s Information Highway I’m 99.9% convinced that the first time I saw and recognized an animated gif for what it was, it was something very much like one of these:   Maybe you have similar memories?  (Hopefully they are not PTSD-induced flashbacks!)  Clearly the image of website construction was […]

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Daily Create Shirt – 2017

What Is Your Question Today?

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Bava/Nobody WIRE106 T-Shirt

3D Anaglyphs

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The Daily Create T-Shirt


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