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Almost Realistic!

The Daily Create, tdc1987, asks us to use the Fotogenerator web tool “to turn a series of line sketches into a photo.” We are then asked to assess “how scary or realistic” the results are. Below you can see the sketch I drew (a bit tricky, using your mouse to draw on in the input […]

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VR Bubbles are Cool!

Ontario artist and educator Colleen Rose (@ColleenKR, on Twitter) shared a unique view of her art classroom this morning, and the image far surpassed what one would usually get with a standard photo. Created with the iPhone app Bubbli, the fully spherical view of the room immediately had me seeking out the source app on the iOS App […]

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Optom(etr)ist, With Both Eyes, in 3D

Today’s The Daily Create, tdc1484 asks us to take a stand on the age-old “glass half-full or half-empty” point of view. I say you are in charge of your own point of view, and if you’re going to have one, it should be informed from all perspectives. And it might as well be in 3D! […]

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  In the early wild-west days of the Internet, animated GIFs promised the world to web explorers in the form of flashy-yet-soon-to-be-gaudy under-construction signs. Shunted aside as more refined web design arose, animated GIFs have experienced a resurgence in recent years, and are now accepted as a true Art Form, with annual competitions and juried […]

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Enzo as Matrix as Megabyte as The Prisoner as Number One

Ah, the Multi-Frame GIF Story assignment, Animated GIF Assignment 880. Gotta love it.  If you’ve never encountered Reboot (the first full-length, completely computer-animated TV series) then you’ll need a bit of background to fully appreciate this post and the Reboot Season 3 episode, “Number 7”, which references The Prisoner.  Reboot was ground-breaking back in the mid 90s as personal computers, […]

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Daily Create Shirt – 2017

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