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Creativity’s Zestful Potential

The Daily Create, tdc2030, asks us to tell a six-word story using the 20/30 line from an optometrist’s eye-vision chart; EDFCZP. I searched back through my Flickr for some photos, and chose three. The balloons is the most colourful, so it gets to go first. But the following two reflect a bit more the “creating” […]

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A Simple Venn Diagram

The Daily Create, tdc2026, ask us to create a Venn diagram that is worse than the two-oval example (people who like ice cream, people who have hands).

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Big World After All

The Daily Create, tdc2025 asks us to shoot from the ground, upwards, to show an ordinary object made larger from the view of someone, or something, much tinier than us. It’s a Big World After All. How about some Joe Jackson?

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For The Daily Create, tdc2024, What does the sand shark say about Shareski (@shareski, on Twitter)? I used Comic Life to generate the thought bubbles, and then pasted them into Photoshop to build the final GIF. I also used the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop to isolate Dean’s face as a new layer and lighten […]

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War Pigs, Revisited

The Daily Create, tdc2023 asks us to improve the original rhyme in the second line of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, given that the use of the same word a second time to rhyme with itself seems a bit lame. The prompt was suggested by Audrey Watters (@audreywatters, on Twitter). Generals gathered in their masses, Just […]

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Daily Create Shirt – 2017

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