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#ds106zone ? Where is Everybody?

Okay! So Jim Groom has posted a bit more about the upcoming summer session of #ds106 Digital Storytelling, this incarnation titled #ds106zone  — flavoured with The Twilight Zone. Not that anyone needs an excuse to watch old episodes of the series, but I’ve been looking forward to this all the same.  Who knows, the series is on Netflix, and could make for a nice nostalgic summer of binge viewing. (Or not.)

However, looking to start at the beginning (so says Inigo, quoting Vizzini), I dialed up the very first episode from October 2, 1959, entitled “Where is Everybody?” Starring the instantly recognized Earl Holliman, the episode was released about two and half years before I was born, and focuses on the effects of isolation on the mind of an air force pilot who (as we discover at the end) is training for a mission to the moon. Kennedy’s Moon speech took place on May 25, 1961, and I was born just nine months later. Coincidence? (Ya, probably!)

Anway, it’s nice to see that the first episode was pretty much based on a topical and very realistic question for the time.  And a nice complement to emphasize how far we have come, given that today marks the day that @Cmdr_Hadfield returns to earth after five months aboard the International Space Station. Yes, he had a couple of other astronauts there to keep him company, but then again, he had most of the known Twitter universe in touch with him, too. Did you see his cover of Bowie’s Space Oddity? (Maybe you have, it’s had over 1.8 million views since I saw it last night.) But I digress.

Let the GIFfing begin! 

"Walk ... Wait .... Stop," animated GIF by aforgrave from The Twilight Zone, Season1 Episode 1, "Where is Everybody?"

“Walk … Wait ….Caution” animated GIF by aforgrave from The Twilight Zone, Season1 Episode 1, “Where is Everybody?”

I watched this episode with an eye out for GIFfable moments — the stoplights above was a natural, and easily done.

This shot from the movie theatre was nice to try ….

"Look Out, it's a Mirror ..." animatedGIF by aforgrave, from

“Look Out, it’s a Mirror …” animatedGIF by aforgrave, from The Twilight Zone, Season1 Episode 1, “Where is Everybody?”

… as the mirror makes for a very interesting shock to the viewers. I would have thought he would have seen the other guy running right at him though. But I guess he was spooked.

This one is a bit larger than I’d like (at 2.5 MB), but those glittery lights on the marquee are reminiscent of those early under construction GIFs, and I didn’t want to leave them out. I used some masking, but the camera man was successful with his pull focus on this shot, and it made masking the whole scene difficult. As it is, it makes for a slight jump when the GIF loops. Oh well, better that he got it right for his art, I guess.

"Run Back to Your Box!" animatedGIF by aforgrave

“Run Back to Your Box!” animatedGIF by aforgrave, from The Twilight Zone, Season1 Episode 1, “Where is Everybody?”

And with that, I release my first submission for the #ds106zone — just a little to whet the appetite. Apparently things don’t officially start until May 20th, but Jim said something about Donkey Kong, so I think that means we can start.

Also, submitted to @iamTalkyTina‘s AnimatedGIF Assignment 920: From the Twilight Zone and Beyond.

Rhizomatic Pre-show of Learning

This is the Dave Cormier SMART Table-enabled Rhizomatic Pre-Show of Learning as realized by @giuliaforsythe‘s hand and my iPhone and Photoshop.


Sorry the GIF is as big as it is, but you know them rhizomes just spread out and take over everything.

The Girl’s Amazing Eyes

I spent some time this evening watching the first half of Mario Bava’s The Girl Who Knew Too Much (this weeks entry in Jim Groom’s BavaFestival) , and I just had to stop watching and make a GIF.  I was moved to start GIFfing by number of wonderful bits in fairly rapid succession, and I wanted to get started more than I wanted the film to end.

This one used up all of my available time this evening for GIFfing (I have a couple other sequences of stills captured for another day), but I’m quite satisfied with it. I had to deal with the sub-titles that appear in the bottom third of the screen, but I think the masking worked out well enough.  This one goes straight into the ds106 Animated GIF assignment 865: GIF Me Again About My Eyes, too.


“The Amazing Eyes” of Nora Davis (played by Letícia Román), animated GIF by aforgrave, from Mario Bava’s The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1963)

I’m definitely enjoying the visual aesthetic of this entry — the black and white film, together with the lighting produces some amazing shadows that certainly heighten the effect of the film.  Although I’m certain I’ve never seen this one, watching it reminds me of the films that used to be on our single-channel black-and-white television when I was a very young child. You know, back in the sixties.

Definitely, a nice nostalgia happening.

Broadcasting Through Dimensions Across Time and Space

In anticipation of this summer’s #ds1o6zone (Jim Groom is twiddling the dials on his old TV set in readiness), and in response to Grant Potter’s The Black Leather Jackets post (in which he notes, “Well, there’s one thing we can do, we can make sure they have a license to operate …”), I submit, for your approval,

"Exeter Appears on the Interociter" animated GIF by aforgrave

“Exeter Appears on the Interociter” animated GIF by aforgrave

I have a good whack of GIFs from This Island Earth that I was working on for GIFestivus2012 (heck, I’ve even started the animatedGIF movie poster!) — but they were never posted (who’s in charge of getting that done around here, anyway?). So here is one, anyway, that speaks of broadcasting across time and space and dimensions.  Electronics genius (and air force test pilot) Cal and his assistant have just successfully finished building the Interociter from parts and the instructions that mysteriously arrived via mail order at their lab. Next thing you know, they’re talking to aliens!

I’m assembling the parts to my own Interociter as you read this. I hope to be able to use it to connect to the #ds106zone by the time Earth gets within range.  Are you building yours? 

Bava for The Bava: Count Floyd Style

A couple days back, Jim Groom tweeted out about Mario Bava films. After a short twitter conversation comparing respective access, I was all set, and shortly thereafter, after deciding to start with “Planet of the Vampires,” the following ensued.

"A Bava-Count Floyd-Planet-Vampire Moment" animated GIF by aforgrave

“A Bava & Count Floyd Planet-Vampire Moment” animated GIF by aforgrave

If you were ever a fan of Monster Chiller Horror Theatre on SCTV, you will no doubt remember the wonderful 3D re-enactments (example: 3D House of Flies) that Dr. Tongue and Bruno performed, and you’ll likely appreciate this GIF. If not, you’ll likely appreciated it, just not fully or perhaps not for the same reasons. (Check out the venerable Monster Chiller Horror Theatre show host Count Floyd (Joe Flaherty) as he introduces Dr. Tongue’s 3D House of Pancakes (embedded below), and again, in fine form in  Blood Sucking Monkeys from West Mifflin PA!!!

SCTV was my generation’s Monty Python.

What can I say. This GIF is only the beginning?  How could it not be, with Bava^2 for inspiration.

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