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Artoo vs. The Degobah Swamp Creature

"Artoo vs. The Degobah Swamp Creature" animated GIF by @aforgrave

“Artoo vs. The Degobah Swamp Creature” animated GIF by @aforgrave

The Daily Create for August 7th tdc942 asks us to riff on an image from the Spielberg-Lucas “congratulations letters” which were written each time one director’s film surpassed the other’s at the box office. (The Daily Create for August 6th asked us to re-write one of the letters to suggest what might have actually been in the director’s mind.)

The source image in question shows Lucas’ R2D2 catching Spielberg’s Jaws on a fishing line. My riff shifts the setting to Degobah and invokes the scene from Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back. We never get a full view of the creature which swallows and then spit out Artoo — but its above-the-surface profile and movements are basically shark-like — so who knows? Maybe it was Jaws, getting payback.

There is also a static version on Flickr.


The swampy surface fog was created using a repeated application of the clone tool.

Oh, and of course. Why stop at a still image when a GIF can be so much better? 

THX1138 Flees the Chrome-Faces

I’ve taken a little break from yesterday’s GIF (it’s a little bit busy here) but thought I’d take a few minutes to work on this little pursuit GIF from the same film, a scene where THX1138 (played by Robert Duvall) flees the motor-bike riding Chrome Faced Officers — THX 1138 has a fancy car that goes real fast.

"THX1138 Flees the Chrome-Faces" animated GIF by aforgrave

“THX1138 Flees the Chrome-Faces” animated GIF by aforgrave

If you’ve not seen George Lucas’ debut feature film from 1971, you should. THX1138 (wikipedia entry, official website entry) is visually and aurally spectacular — right up there with Kubrick’s 2001 in terms of visuals, ground-breaking effects, and surreal commentary on society. Were it not for the incredible influence, pop-culture impact, and groundbreaking technical effects that Lucas’ Star Wars movies have had in the years since, one might ask “what the heck happened to Lucas after he made THX1138 — and why did he devote so much of his subsequent career to making popcorn-fodder? (I say that having truly enjoyed the Star Wars films — but in terms of ideas — they’re not in the same league as THX1138.) A little research just now informs me that the film version that I have seen (released for home video, the Director’s Cut) was updated in 2004 to add some new effects — so a little bit is newer than the 1971 original — but all told adding only an extra 2 minutes to the film’s running time.

I’ll return to GIF more of this film another day — but for now, enjoy this great chase scene. Are they gaining yet?

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