Seven Robot, Deluxe Redux

“Seven Robots, Deluxe Redux,” animated GIF by @aforgrave (click image for rock music)

After only getting to try The Daily Create, tdc2016 yesterday on my iPhone, I wanted to revisit the RoboBoogie website on my computer. After playing with the code generator for a few minutes, I started animating all of the robots, and captured each one as a short video.

For each of the seven robot videos,
1) import into Photoshop, isolate 25 unique frames, make the background transparent for each frame
2) import grouped layers into master Photoshop file
3) re-assigned each robot’s 25 frames across the 25 frames within the all robot GIF.
4) add in a background for the robots to dance in front of.

In closing, I made an mp3 of one of the music tracks, and then used the John Johnson trick to make the mp3/ogg playable on a click.

Voila! Seven Dancing Robots!

They also dance on Mars, in Vegas, and in Fredericksburg!

“Seven Robots, on Mars,” animated GIF by @aforgrave (click image for synth music)

“Seven Robots, in Vegas,” animated GIF by @aforgrave (click image for funk music)

“Seven Robots at CoWork in Freddy,” animated GIF by @aforgrave (click image for disco music)

Background Images