The ds106zone T-shirt

ds106zoneT-shirtYou’ve Been Here. You’ve almost done it. Have you got the shirt?

HEY!! Just in case you want to convince someone (or perhaps yourself) that you were actually there, in #ds106zone, during the summer of 2013 with @jimgroom, @scottlo,  @iamTalkyTina and all those other characters, you can get a shirt!

Designed to look great on basic black, the shirt features a ds106zone star-field logo on the front, and the text “ds106 #4life summer 2013” on the back. You can customize your shirt size all by yourself and get it shipped direct-to-you from Zazzle basically at cost.

You can choose alternate styles and colours if you want to get fancy.


Make Your Own?

If you want to try doing a custom print using your own intended-for-dark-Ts-iron-on-transfer, you might try this .png file. Note that it won’t look like much until you print it on the T-shirt transfers for Dark Fabric. Also, I haven’t reversed the image, and “have left that as an exercise” for the do-it-yourselfer.  Let us know how it goes if you take this route. If we see you wearing your shirt with the logo upside down or backwards, it will be funny.

Really Fancy Aluminum Zazzle Water Bottle


Zazzle also does up a really stylish aluminium water bottle. I had some cool yellow 32 oz. ones made for some of the #105theHive K12 Student Internet #radio4learning crew.

I’m going to order one in black.
(The 32 oz. bottles are really nice, but were out of stock. I had to select the 24 oz. bottle to get one in black.)






Note that I’ve also included my Twitter handle in the design in editable text. If you want one, be sure to use the “Change text” button and put in your own name or Twitter handle before you order yours.

But these are really, really nicely-finished bottles. I was very impressed with the quality.