ds106radio Listen! page going live

I’m uploading the moving target version of the ds106radio Listen page (formerly know as the Can You Hear Me Now Browser Player experiment) to and for the time being will point the Feedback? link here.

  1. the “MiniPlayer” option is still to be implemented. For those wanting to listen in their browser, this will provide a smaller browser window that can be kept off to the side while other browser windows are being used. (If you close the browser window containing a player while it is running, you will lose the stream.)
  2. the “Status” link gets you to our dear :8000 friend, which currently tells you if Airtime is online or if someone is ‘casting live.
  3. The “128K | 64K” links will launch the stream in whatever media player (iTunes, WinAmp) that may be so configured to deal with them on your device.
  4. The “Listening Options” link currently points to the Listening Details page. This will be re-written to provide a ds106 context (I will use larger, more esoteric words and a slightly more “anarchic” tone (that’s Jim’s word), but it will still provide the same kind of options for listening goodness.
  5. The “Feedback” link points here. Which you likely, already know. Please put feedback in the comments. This is still a moving target.


Future plans (we call them “next steps: “) include:

  • Finishing the code for the miniplayer and the ds106radio version of the Listening Options page
  • Posting the code so you can put the listen page (or a fancy link to a miniPlayer) in your side bar.
  • getting real-time track metadate out of airtime and into Icecast (if that is at all possible) << this is the Phase 2 challenge
  • aesthetically integrating the widget code for the playlists
  • Sorting out the details related to TuneIn integration, possibly using their AIR API.
  • Oh, and maybe, one day, a WP plug-in. But that would be a while.


After all that, dinner.


No, in fact, I think I will upload this AFTER dinner. My youngest is calling. And all that other stuff, maybe on the weekend. (And now that I’ve refined and updated that bulleted list above, let’s aim for the first two on the list by the end of the weekend.)


There are a couple of other neat features that I will reference once the page is live now. Basically:

  • save as homepage icon, with a little pop-up to remind you the first time you load the page on iOS
  • iOS web app full screen view when launched from the homescreen icon
  • the wonderful ds106radio icon in the favicon …

There. Hang tight.  As we all know, #4life!