NPM 3: He Ran, I Trudge

Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope by h.koppdelaney, on Flickr

“He Ran. I Trudge”
by aforgrave.  April 3rd, 2011.

I used to play in the forest.
I used to run on the green.
But now I work in the office.
And fritter the hours between.

I used to play in the sunshine.
I used to run in the rain.
Now, I don’t like when it pours down.
And I don’t want that sunburn again.

I used to run freely in circles.
I ‘d roll down the hillsides all day.
But now, I stay on the pathways.
I’ve learned that it’s not good to stray.

My learning has made me a grown-up.
I do all things proper and right.
I never play games or tell stories.
And I early-to-bed every night.

Oh, how I long for my childhood.
Of the innocent life of a kid.
I wish I could wrangle the clock back.
And just live my life as I did.

National Poetry Month, Day 3
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