NPM 11: 2B, or not 2B

or not 2B

pencilParsley_by_bourgeoisbee_flickr (CC) cropped

That is the question.

I read today on Twitter,
of a tweep who wrote a letter.
An annual event,
To excuse his kid from tests.

The kind you have to bubble,
An assessment kind of trouble.
That so clearly lead to double-
-teaching. Learning, and For Tests.

If you throw it out the window,
Where will all the students now go?
On to College or the workplace,
Without G-MAT kinds of stress?

So the pencil flies instead, so.
Over desk and out the window.
To nestle ‘mongst the green-ry.
Now prepare for “off-to-school” go.

Have a nice day! Do you use 2B or HB or 2H ?
by aforgrave. April 11th, 2011.

National Poetry Month, Day 11
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