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Giulia’s DS106 Shirt, 2nd. Edition

“Giulia’s DS106 T-Shirt, 2nd edition,” art remix by @giuliaforsythe

After five years of tender loving use, Todd Conaway (@Todd_Conaway, on Twitter) lovingly parted with his official Limited Edition Giulia Forsythe DS106 T-shirt.  Todd’s shirt,  available exclusively through the 2012 DS106 Kickstarter campaign by Jim Groom (@jimgroom), had accumulated too many additional holes where there weren’t supposed to be holes.

A quick query to Giulia (@giuliaforsythe, on Twitter) prompted her immediate reply with a link to her original artwork.

“DS106 ALBUM ART” by Giulia Forsythe, on Flickr, based on Goo

It was a little photoshop work for me to prep the image to print white on transparent (essentially, remove the black) so that the shirt colour takes the place of the black, as with the Kickstarter original, but the design is now posted to the ds106zone store on Zazzle.

If, like Todd, you are in need of replacement, you can now get one. If you didn’t have an opportunity to get one in 2012 and would like one now, you can get this 2nd edition release now.

Zazzle will let you choose an alternate colour (as shown above) and cut (women’s fit, long sleeves, etc.) I let Zazzle notify me of their sale events, and try to order things when they are at a nice discount.

T-shirts are available today (July 29th) from the .com store at 40% off with the code SUMMERHOORAY

The DS106zone store is at and you can link to the shirt directly here: Giulia’s DS106 T-Shirt, 2nd edition

Big World After All

“tdc2025 Shot from Below” image by @aforgrave, on Flickr

The Daily Create, tdc2025 asks us to shoot from the ground, upwards, to show an ordinary object made larger from the view of someone, or something, much tinier than us.

It’s a Big World After All.

How about some Joe Jackson?

The DS106 Workplace Office Pen

“Psychedelic Pen,” by aforgave, on Flickr

Well, a quick check of the Twitter following my last post showed that the conversation regarding a DS106 Workspace pen has continued since Todd Conaway (@Todd_Conaway) introduced it last night.

Todd has since put forward an official un-organization chart (distinct from a dis-organization chart, I’m sure), identifying the pen recipients (below the red line).

"DS106 UnOrganizational Chart" image by Todd Conaway

“DS106 UnOrganizational Chart” image by Todd Conaway

While some folks have apparently already started to receive monogrammed pens via email, my experiences with and other companies specializing in short-run, quick-turnaround real-world merchandise had me thinking about an actual, tangible souvenir from The DS106 Workspace.

Although neither Zazzle nor CafePress offer pens, the Internet offers up plenty of such merchandisers who can do small-run personalized pens. Following a few links led me to a company that can do a 5-day turnaround on full-colour ballpoint pens — artwork to fit within a 4.127” x 1.207” imprint area — at about 39 cents per pen in a quantity of 300.  $5 would get you ten pens.  That would be enough for 30 participants.

Grabbing a nice psychedelic hippy image from the web, I superimposed my DS106 Workplace logo overtop, and voila!

Anybody want a souvenir pen? Here’s a mock up of what they would look like.

“The DS106 Workplace Psychedelic Pen.” by aforgrave, on Flickr


Celebrating 3 Years of

“ 3rd Anniversary” by aforgrave, on Flickr

As I write this, we are moments away from the 3rd anniversary of our beloved

As I have noted before, shortly after Grant Potter introduced the Voice of DS106 Digital Storytelling, the Internet-based ds106radio station, it suddenly seemed that every single tweet coming out of @jimgroom had the #ds106radio tag. It was almost spammish in it’s insistency, but clearly the intensity which Jim and others were affected by ds106radio was contagious. My own involvement took a few months to kick in (following a wonderful meeting with @GiuliaForsythe and @BryanJack at unplugd11) and I was hooked.

3rd Anniversary T-shirt ??

Knowing that the 3rd anniversary was coming up, I had already been thinking about ways to celebrate the ds106radio birthday.  Seeing a conversation yesterday between @Todd_Conaway and Alan Levine (@cogdog) about T-shirts (these guys must go through shirts like crazy while biking in that outback Arizona climate), I got to thinking that a 3rd anniversary shirt design might be apropos.  Todd was looking for an athletic/performance style shirt, and that prompted a design somewhat reminiscent of an historic collegiate look, complete with the “established” dateline. Yeah, it’s only been three years, but you’ve got to start sometime!

I’ve also been really keen on the appropriateness of the domain that Grant secured — ever since day one, that suffix (aside from spelling radio) has always personified the radical in — radical out nature of the ds106 community and its participants.

And so, here’s where we’re at — a performance T-shirt, available in several colours, for both men and women.

"3rd Anniversary Performance T-shirt" animated GIF by aforgrave

“3rd Anniversary Performance T-shirt” animated GIF by aforgrave

I’ve added the design to Zazzle, and if you are interested, you can order your own and have it shipped directly to you. Note that you don’t have to go with the Men’s or Women’s Sport-Tek Competitor T-Shirt, you can switch out the shirt to one of ~120 different styles and whatever colours they come in. The colours and styles shown in the GIF reflect the appropriate colours for that particular shirt.

One note: Zazzle has discount days for their products, and I always wait for their 50% off days when it becomes much more cost effective to purchase things like shirts — or the funky ds106zone water bottle from this past summer.

It usually takes about 24 hours before new items appear in the “store” — Here’s the link to the DS106Zone page on Zazzle that I set up this past summer — the new shirt should be there by tomorrow is there now! (I’ll add the women’s version momentarily.)

In the meantime, here’s a little bit more Grant.  He takes this radio stuff seriously! And he’s a great sport!

"GRANTED Radical In Radical Out T-Shirt" animated GIF by aforgrave

“GRANTED Radical In Radical Out T-Shirt” animated GIF by aforgrave

In the mean time,  #ds106radio — #4life!! 



Daily Create Shirt – 2017

What Is Your Question Today?

#prisoner106 Summer 2015

#noir106 Winter 2015

ECOO 2014 #bit14

#ecoo14 #bit14 Bring IT Together

#wire106 Fall 2014

Bava/Nobody WIRE106 T-Shirt

3D Anaglyphs

3D Glasses_FLAT AnaglyphBADGE GREY fill BLACK

3D Glasses_FLAT Anaglyph-A-GIF BADGE GREY fill BLACK

The Daily Create T-Shirt


ds106 Spring 2014

#ds106 The DS106 Workplace

ds106 Summer 2013

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