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VR Bubbles are Cool!

Ontario artist and educator Colleen Rose (@ColleenKR, on Twitter) shared a unique view of her art classroom this morning, and the image far surpassed what one would usually get with a standard photo.

Created with the iPhone app Bubbli, the fully spherical view of the room immediately had me seeking out the source app on the iOS App store.

bubbli_logo_@2x  bubbli_icon@2x

Hours later, as the afternoon sun streamed through my classroom windows and reminded me of the need to take advantage of available light, I packed up my bags and headed outside. A few minutes later I was standing in the back yard of the school waving my phone around in the air.

The “bubble” image above is the result.  The app, in conjunction with a powerful upstream stitching application, allowed me to easily create the VR bubble within only a couple of minutes.  If you have an accelerometer-supported smart phone, view the image bubble using that, and you will see the image move around you as you tilt and pan your phone. Within a web browser on a computer, use your mouse to view up, down, left, and right.

Prior to making the image shared at the top of this post, I experimented further away from the play equipment, and you can see the results of my first, second, and third attempts on the on.bubb.li  site.  I don’t know that my “painting technique” (their metaphor) improved all that much from first through fourth — the stitching algorithm does a fantastic job of removing the overlaps. If anything, my composition improved as I learned how well the app/server were able to handle objects close to the camera  — something I was initially concerned about having seen previous phone based  “pano” apps distort objects in the foreground.

The built-in getting started tutorials provide a quick and clear introduction to the app and the process, and the interface of the app is so simple to use, I’m going to see tomorrow if a child can do it. I’m sure they will be able to.


BONUS: If you email yourself a link to the bubble, you also get a nice little animated GIF thumbnail in your email, and you can suss out the URL if you view the source of the email.
The animated GIF itself is a nice bonus!

Time for another iPhone Photo Project?

The fun in playing with a new iOS camera app today reminds me that it’s been a while since I scoured the iOS app store for new and interesting camera/image apps. In 2011, a number of folks joined me in the April 2011 iPhone Photo Project  iPPP • (archives here), and again the subsequent year for the May 2012 iPhone Photo Project iPPP2 • (archives here). Given that 2013, 2014, and 2015 have passed by unrecognized, I’m thinking that today’s app play will herald in a 2016 re-incarnation, the February 2016 iPhone Photo Project iPPP3.

Who’s in?

I’ll formally announce it with an iPPP3 – Day 2 app tomorrow. Consider Bubbli as the app for use for iPPP3 – Day 1. Start your iPhones!

Optom(etr)ist, With Both Eyes, in 3D


3D Glasses_FLAT Anaglyph-A-GIF BADGE GREY fill BLACK

Today’s The Daily Create, tdc1484 asks us to take a stand on the age-old “glass half-full or half-empty” point of view.
I say you are in charge of your own point of view, and if you’re going to have one, it should be informed from all perspectives.

And it might as well be in 3D!

You will need your red/cyan glasses to fully appreciate this GIF.

You can also see a static anaglyph as well as a non-anaglyph version of this image on my Flickr.



YEE HAW! It’s a Bronco Rider GIFfight!


“Bronco with Barn Boards” for GIFfight! by @aforgrave View with red-cyan 3D glasses (click for a larger image)

3D Glasses_FLAT Anaglyph-A-GIF BADGE GREY fill BLACK

@iamTalkyTina was calling for a GIFfight! last night, and today, in keeping with the #western106 theme, @mbransons called out “Draw!” and the bronco rider GIFfight! was on.  Quick to respond were @phb256 and @johnjohnston. Paul’s bronco is bucking while the world turns upside down, and John’s seems to be tumbling in a full 360º within the boundaries of the circular frame.

Given my recent foray back into the world of 3D, I decided to go with an anaglyph-a-GIF, and added some barnboards in the foreground. Somebody drilled a nice round hole for you to peek through.

YEE HAW! #western106 has begun!

Spaghetti Western Showdown in Reboot “The Episode with No Name”

This small clip from Reboot, S3 E08 “The Episode with No Name” is a wonderful homage to the classic Spaghetti Western shootout scene. While Matrix chills in the saloon with Turbo, AndrAIa and Friskit showdown with a virus-infested female Guardian and her drone.

Watch for:

  • slow camera pan to establish the setting, focuses to character
  • establish the evil nature of the antagonist
  • gunfighter stances at opposite ends of the street
  • changing POV back and forth
  • close ups of the eyes
  • low shots over the gun belt from behind, opponent in the far distance
  • notice Frisket’s impatience at 19:01, a nod to the reality of the unnaturally long, drawn-out nature of these sequences
  • tumbleweed (a sheet of paper)
  • the over-the-top, blowing smoke off the gun barrel riff

Listen for:

  • tiny echo of The Good, The Bad, and They Ugly signature lick at 18:20
  • classic guitar
  • trumpet
  • orchestral swells
  • choir
  • long note to punctuate moment of “the draw”
  • silence but for the wind (right at the end)

If you have time, check out the full episode. This episode continues the narrative of Matrix, AndrAIa and Frisket searching for their system’s Guardian, Bob, in which they arrive in a “port” seeking a transport out into “the web.”

Enzo as Matrix as Megabyte as The Prisoner as Number One

Megabyte-RESIGNS_1_FlyIN Megabyte-RESIGNS_2_March
Megabyte-RESIGNS_3_Door Megabyte-RESIGNS_4_TeaCup_320_32
MegaByte_Xed_4_320 You-Won't-Hold-Me
Guilty Matrix-and-Rover2

Ah, the Multi-Frame GIF Story assignment, Animated GIF Assignment 880. Gotta love it. 

If you’ve never encountered Reboot (the first full-length, completely computer-animated TV series) then you’ll need a bit of background to fully appreciate this post and the Reboot Season 3 episode, “Number 7”, which references The Prisoner.  Reboot was ground-breaking back in the mid 90s as personal computers, modems, and the Internet started to take off. You likely know the early animation work of show creators Ian Pearson and Gavin Blair from the 1986 MTV Video-of-the-Year by Dire Straits, Money for Nothing.

I enjoyed Reboot during its first run on the Canadian cable channel YTV (Reboot was animated in Vancouver by Pearson and Blair’s Mainframe Entertainment), appreciating not only the wonderful plays-on-words related to computer tech, but also the myriad pop culture references embedded within the show. The Prisoner was one such reference, joined over the 7 -year run by others such as Mad Max, Star Trek, Elmer Fudd, James Bond, Ash and The Evil Dead, Austin Powers, Mortal Kombat, Clint Eastwood’s The Man With No Name, and The Matrix to name just a few. The opening credits to “Firewall” and the Season 3 recap performed to the Gilbert & Sullivan  “A Modern Major General,” are classic examples of the brilliance of the show (both are embedded below for your enjoyment). The day my then-young sons immediately got the Pokemon and Dragon-Ball Z references in the episode “My Two Bobs,” all was right with the world.

Anyway, here is my attempt at a one paragraph summary to set you up for the third season episode, “Number 7,” in case you choose to watch it. If you don’t watch it, you can just appreciate the references to The Prisoner in my accompanying GIFs.

In all previous episodes, Enzo Matrix is a young sprite who lives within MainFrame, helping/hindering the system’s Guardian, Bob, in protecting the city from the dangers of Game Cubes and viruses such as Megabyte and Hexadecimal. Following a game loss in the previous episode, young Enzo, his dog Friskit, and his friend AndrAIa are caught in the User’s game and are uploaded from their home system. Between the last episode and this one, time has passed, and young Enzo has grown from boy to man (now going by his last name, Matrix) as they travel from computer to computer trying to find their way home. The episode “Number 7” explores Enzo’s understanding of his own identity and place in the grand scheme. (Note: There’s a whole “golf” thread which ties back to the usual “game” aspect of each episode. It provides for a few jokes, and the “out” at the end.)

If you choose to watch the Reboot episode Number 7, it is embedded in the prisoner106.us Archive for Week Six. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions on what “Number 7” says about our understanding of Number Six and the overall show. But I think it offers a good commentary that complements the final two episodes of The Prisoner, “16: Once Upon a Time,” and “17: Fall Out.”

If you want to know more about Reboot, you may wish to do a little background reading about the series on either the Reboot Wikipedia entry, or for deeper detail, on the show’s own wiki — and episodes are certainly available on Youtube should you wish to watch more! However, in closing, I highly recommend the two clips embedded below.


"Be Seeing You (Bob)," animated GIF by @aforgrave

“Be Seeing You (Bob),” animated GIF by @aforgrave

"Be Seeing You (Dot)," animated GIF by @aforgrave

“Be Seeing You (Dot),” animated GIF by @aforgrave

"Be Seeing You (Enzo)," animated GIF by @aforgrave

“Be Seeing You (Enzo),” animated GIF by @aforgrave

Dead-on Bond Parody – Opening Credits for “Firewall”

Brilliant Season 3 Recap to Gilbert & Sullivan’s “A Modern Major-General”

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