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The DS106 Workplace Office Pen

“Psychedelic Pen,” by aforgave, on Flickr

Well, a quick check of the Twitter following my last post showed that the conversation regarding a DS106 Workspace pen has continued since Todd Conaway (@Todd_Conaway) introduced it last night.

Todd has since put forward an official un-organization chart (distinct from a dis-organization chart, I’m sure), identifying the pen recipients (below the red line).

"DS106 UnOrganizational Chart" image by Todd Conaway

“DS106 UnOrganizational Chart” image by Todd Conaway

While some folks have apparently already started to receive monogrammed pens via email, my experiences with Zazzle.ca and other companies specializing in short-run, quick-turnaround real-world merchandise had me thinking about an actual, tangible souvenir from The DS106 Workspace.

Although neither Zazzle nor CafePress offer pens, the Internet offers up plenty of such merchandisers who can do small-run personalized pens. Following a few links led me to a company that can do a 5-day turnaround on full-colour ballpoint pens — artwork to fit within a 4.127” x 1.207” imprint area — at about 39 cents per pen in a quantity of 300.  $5 would get you ten pens.  That would be enough for 30 participants.

Grabbing a nice psychedelic hippy image from the web, I superimposed my DS106 Workplace logo overtop, and voila!

Anybody want a souvenir pen? Here’s a mock up of what they would look like.

“The DS106 Workplace Psychedelic Pen.” by aforgrave, on Flickr


Picard’s Heart of Oak GIF Variation of Rehearsing the Service

1870 Rehearsing the Service: Picard Variation" animated GIF by aforgrave

1870 Rehearsing the Service: Picard Variation” animated GIF by aforgrave

The more I worked on the Tate Gallery 1840 GIF Party submission  “No dona eis requiem” GIF, the more I kept seeing the piano-playing priest as Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation — the likeness is pretty much dead on — and the red and black in the robes made it easy to see the uniforms. The second priest, minus the beard, was clearly meant to be reinterpreted as Riker. (This is my second take on the original image “Rehearsing the Service” from 1870 by Alphonse Legros.)

Once the hard work was done while creating my previous GIF, it was a simple matter to add in images of a TNG communicator badge and the dedication plaque from the Enterprise – E. The Okuda-style touch controls were inserted in place of the piano keyboard using a number of the transformations — resize and skew being the two most important. The star field was a little trickier — I wanted the stars moving from left to right and so I did a movie screen capture of an HTML mouse-influenced star field and then snagged some frames using MPEG Streamclip. The original bible was switched for an image of a TNG tricorder. I used the font Okuda (named after the graphic designer and ST:TNG scenic artist Micheal Okuda), found on dafont.com and created by Neale Davidson (Pixel Sagas) — free for personal use!

I was originally going to have Picard spouting some technobabble, but then I recalled the episode where Picard is replaced by an alien duplicate (ST: TNG “Allegiance”) who breaks into an old English sailing shanty in Ten Forward, arousing Riker’s suspicions that something is not quite right with the captain. In this instance, I believe it has provided sufficient grounds for Riker to give Picard a tap on the head with the tricorder. The lyrics for “Heart of Oak” were sourced at the fan site, Memory Alpha.

• LINK to the full-size (1536 pixels wide) version of the GIF (3.5 MB)


Here, courtesy of YouTube, is the alien Picard-imposter, trying to impress everyone in Ten Forward that he is, indeed, their captain:

The Tate Gallery 1840 GIF Party submission deadline is today, February 2nd. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do another entry before the day ends in England — but this has been enjoyable! I’m looking forward to seeing the sharing of the submissions following the February 7th adjudication.

No dona eis requiem: Another 1840 Tate Gallery GIF Party Submission

"1870 Rehearsing the Service: No dona eis Requiem" animated GIF by aforgrave

“1870 Rehearsing the Service: No dona eis Requiem” animated GIF by aforgrave

The original image is “Rehearsing the Service” from 1870 by Alphonse Legros, and is one of the images open for interpretation in the Tate Britain1840s GIF Party: Call for Submissions.

I had to wrap my brain around taking some kind of a different approach to get a GIF out of this image. I knew that something was in there, and it was by viewing the original image through the irreverent lense of Terry Gilliam and Monty Python that resulted in this little endeavour.

For those not familiar with the antecedent, we need look no further than the venerable You Tube: The following clip was kind enough to provide me with a subtitled transcription, which helped a lot.

Rather than going with a simple text bubble as I originally envisioned, I sourced an image via the Google (“illustrated manuscript images”) of a page from a $40,000 manuscript on the Christie’s Auction site (BOOK OF HOURS AND PRAYERBOOK, in Dutch, ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT ON VELLUM AND PAPER) and replaced the existing text with the monk’s speech using a font called GregorianFLF by Casady & Greene on dafont.com.

The final .psd file has on the order of 20 layers — the background (hands of both removed), a three layers for each of the left and right hands for the singer, the singers mouth, two layers for the eyes, three layers for the hands & book, a layer for the extended arms (I took a clipping from the cloak and extended it using the clone tool), a layer for the manuscript, 2 for the text, and a couple utility layers to mask out things that weren’t needed at various points.

At 256 colours, 35 final frames, and a 600 pixel width, the GIF weighs in at 568 KB — which I can live with for an enhanced Piece of Art.

Saved out at the original image width of 1536 pixels, the larger GIF is a bit more massive:

• LINK to the full-size (1536 pixels wide) version of the GIF (2.9 MB).


The Tate Gallery 1840 GIF Party submission deadline is fast approaching, February 2nd.  I’m looking forward to seeing the sharing of the submissions following the February 7th adjudication.

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