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A Different View to Car 106

"A Different View to Car 106" animated GIF by aforgrave (dedicated to @JimGroom)

“A Different View to Car 106″ animated GIF by aforgrave (dedicated to @JimGroom)

Yesterday Jim Groom (@jimgroom, on Twitter) was writing about Silicon Valley (End the Domination of Silicon Valley) and the 1985 Bond film, “A View to a Kill,” when he came across Car 106. Having long sought an image of a police car bearing the 106 number, he captured the image and posted it.

Now I see image captures of 106 frequently in @cogdog‘s photostream. He seems to have a sixth sense in operation and he finds them all the time. He has over 106 of them! Me, I look periodically, but really don’t have a lot of success. I likely need to look harder.  Such images respond to Visual Assignment 35, “Cogdog’s Illustrate 106.”

But upon inspecting Jim’s image, I noticed that the number appeared to be a bit crudely positioned, and I wondered whether the image had been visited a Doctor (Oblivion). After all, creative juices are always flowing in the DS106 community, and a lot of Art gets made through the magic of image editing programs.

My curiosity piqued, I decided to go to the source, and a few moments later, determined a couple of things.

  1. catching sight of police car numbers during chase scenes in movies is tricky business.
  2. the numbers appearing on the cars in the film ARE crudely positioned — either hastily renumbered by the prop company, or just naturally messy.
  3. the car on the bridge is indeed numbered 106.

Not only that, the car perched on the edge of the bridge was ripe for GIFfing.

And so, as a token apology to Jim for doubting him, I dedicate the above GIF of Car 106 to him.  And thank him for creating the conditions for a little pause for creativity.  (And more profusely thank him for creating the conditions for a much larger community for creativity!)

#ds106  #4life

Thought Vectors in Concept Space

"Rod Has a Thought Vector" animated GIF by @aforgrave

“Rod Has a Thought Vector” animated GIF by @aforgrave

Well, I’ll be arriving a bit late to this party, but the summer break brings a bit of extra time to participate in a variety of online learning experiences, and so I’m going to jump into the Thoughtvectors in Concept Space course as an open, online participant. There are a lot of great folks already engaged in the conversations, spinning their vectors out and sharing, and so I’m hoping to have a bit of time over the next little while to do a bit of reading, join in the conversations, and make a few GIFs!

First up will be a viewing of the recent Gardner Campbell (@GardnerCampebell) #thoughtvectors interview with historic computing pioneer, Alan Kay. At 3 hours in length, it should make for a most interesting viewing. What a great opportunity!

The Daily Create – Summer 2014 T-Shirt

The Daily Create - Summer 2014 T-shirt

The Daily Create – Summer 2014 T-shirt

We are a couple days past the official start of the season of summer, but the school summer break here begins in less than 24 hours, and with that, a there is a bit more time in the day for free-form Creativity.

To help get back into the groove of The Daily Create, I undertook this little T-shirt project this evening. Although I would have preferred to go with “Keep Calm and Get Your Create On,” the aesthetics weren’t as clean as the simpler and original “and,” so I’ve gone with that. The font is Keep Calm – Medium.

The Daily Create - Summer 2014 T-shirt (front)

The Daily Create – Summer 2014 T-shirt (front)

Wanting to give folks a bit more of an invitation on the back of the shirt, I sought out some appropriate icons from The Noun Project to illustrate the different types of creates, and point folks at the URL. And of course, the shirt would not be complete without the #ds106 and #4life tags.

The Daily Create - Summer 2014 T-shirt (Back)

The Daily Create – Summer 2014 T-shirt (Back)

The Icons are attributed here CC BY 3.0 (or Public Domain, in one case), although in support of the licensing and the difficulty in placing the attributions on the shirt, I have also paid the nominal licensing fees to the artists.

The icons, left to right, are attributed as follows:
Pencil, designed by factor[e] design initiative (CC BY 3.0)
Microphone, designed by Luis Prado (Public Domain)
Camera, designed by Grant Taylor (CC BY 3.0)
Document, designed by Sascha Elmers (CC BY 3.0)
Play designed by José Manuel de Laá (CC BY 3.0)

Get your create on! The summer is here, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side each and every day! Check out The Daily Create.

If you are interested in a T-shirt, check out the links in the sidebar to the ds106zone store on Zazzle. As I’ve indicated before, the one-off production prices can be a bit high, so I always wait for the special 50% off on T-shirt days and then place my order then. If you create an account on Zazzle, you will receive notifications of the special sale days. Two for the price of one is a much better deal!

Now, go Get Your Create on!

The DS106 Workplace Office Pen

“Psychedelic Pen,” by aforgave, on Flickr

Well, a quick check of the Twitter following my last post showed that the conversation regarding a DS106 Workspace pen has continued since Todd Conaway (@Todd_Conaway) introduced it last night.

Todd has since put forward an official un-organization chart (distinct from a dis-organization chart, I’m sure), identifying the pen recipients (below the red line).

"DS106 UnOrganizational Chart" image by Todd Conaway

“DS106 UnOrganizational Chart” image by Todd Conaway

While some folks have apparently already started to receive monogrammed pens via email, my experiences with Zazzle.ca and other companies specializing in short-run, quick-turnaround real-world merchandise had me thinking about an actual, tangible souvenir from The DS106 Workspace.

Although neither Zazzle nor CafePress offer pens, the Internet offers up plenty of such merchandisers who can do small-run personalized pens. Following a few links led me to a company that can do a 5-day turnaround on full-colour ballpoint pens — artwork to fit within a 4.127” x 1.207” imprint area — at about 39 cents per pen in a quantity of 300.  $5 would get you ten pens.  That would be enough for 30 participants.

Grabbing a nice psychedelic hippy image from the web, I superimposed my DS106 Workplace logo overtop, and voila!

Anybody want a souvenir pen? Here’s a mock up of what they would look like.

“The DS106 Workplace Psychedelic Pen.” by aforgrave, on Flickr



The Daily Create T-Shirt

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