… And One Day, He Just Faded Away …

“… He Just Faded Away,” image by @aforgrave

This is for The Daily Create, tdc1986, where we are asked to explore the Upworthy Generator and then tell an Upworthy-type story. Of course, everyone can learn from the strange tale of Dr. Oblivion, and we all understand the important benefits of Making Art.

For this create, I searched for images of Dr. Oblivion on the web, and the returned image led me to the posted video on Youtube Dr. Oblivion Welcomes You to ds106, where I sourced an appropriate screen capture at about 28:40 when he was talking about the DailyShoot (we’re taking pre-TheDailyCreate days, here!).  If you haven’t seen Jim Groom (@jimgroom, on Twitter) doing his introductory DS106 welcome as Dr. Oblivion, it is well worth it. I’ve embedded it below!

I snagged Jim’s twitter avatar from his Twitter account.

For the quote, I put words in Jim’s mouth. But I’m sure he agrees with them!

Here is Dr. Oblivion from The Summer of Oblivion, June 2011.