A Shush of Librarians

B&W render of original image by Zandra from

The Daily Create for Friday, June 28, 2019 #tdc2725 Renaming Clusters of Creatures, asks us to come up with a new, creative name for a group of a particular animal (gaggle of geese, herd of cows, etc.)

After reading a really interesting thread on Twitter this morning by SecretLibraryGorgon (@grumpwitch), librarians were on my mind as I approached today’s challenge, and so I sought to come up with a creative name for that particular creature. 

At the risk of disappointing my teacher-librarian colleagues and friends, I settled on “Shush of Librarians,” as I liked the way it sounded and the stereotypical image that came to mind in conjunction with the usual connotation. Hopefully you will forgive me and enjoy the post “Vintage Librarian Social” and additional images by Zandra from her blog Little Yellow Couch.  I found her image by searching for “librarian images vintage,”  and thought her book group wouldn’t mind being representative of a “Shush.” 

For the record, I started out by taking an alliterative approach, searching for “literary words starting with L.” 

  • lament of librarians (too negative)
  • lexicon of librarians (didn’t really make sense)
  • leaf of librarians was a close third in my deliberations, but perhaps a sheaf of librarians or a ream of librarians would make more sense? (Yikes!! — 500 librarians would be a force to be reckoned with!) 

Other options that came to mind, once I stepped away from trying to find an alliterative noun:

  • page-turner of librarians
  • potboiler of librarians
  • advocacy of librarians (another favourite!)
  • suffragette of librarians (although I like it, at this point I realized I was being led too far astray by stereotypes)

I think my favourite before I settled on “Shush” was this one:

  • stack of librarians

My first job away from home as a kid was at the public library — and I had every intention of pursuing a career as a librarian until I was unfortunately dissuaded by my high school guidance teacher. (I forgive him.) My school board then shifted from Teacher-Librarians to library technicians over twenty years ago, and so that was no longer an option here. 

“I always wanted to be a Librarian, leaping from stack to stack with my best book by my side ….”    (hat tip to Michael Palin

After a considerable hiatus from The Daily Create, I am glad to be back, and hope to undertake the challenge on a regular basis now that I have a little more time on my hands ….