Almost Realistic!

“Almost Realistic!,” fotogenerator image by @aforgrave

The Daily Create, tdc1987, asks us to use the Fotogenerator web tool “to turn a series of line sketches into a photo.” We are then asked to assess “how scary or realistic” the results are.

Below you can see the sketch I drew (a bit tricky, using your mouse to draw on in the input field — although you do get an eraser) and the resulting image created by the web tool. The result is a bit scary — both influenced by the input as well as the way the tool works, but it does create a somewhat realistic looking result based on the input.

“Fotogenerator: Input and Output,” image drawn by @aforgrave

The fotogenerator is composed by De Kennis van Nu en Nieuws en Co / NPO

This webinterface is made bij Christopher Hesse, based on the work of Philip Isola et al: Image-to-Image Translation with Conditional Adversarial Networks

For a better sense of how similar and yet different the results are from this tool, take a look at the other images generated by today’s participants in the daily create: