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Creativity’s Zestful Potential

“Creativity’s Zestful Potential,” by @aforgrave, based on Sky Party by @aforgrave, on Flickr

The Daily Create, tdc2030, asks us to tell a six-word story using the 20/30 line from an optometrist’s eye-vision chart; EDFCZP.

I searched back through my Flickr for some photos, and chose three. The balloons is the most colourful, so it gets to go first. But the following two reflect a bit more the “creating” within the find, rather than just the find, as was the case with the balloons.

“Creativity’s Zestful Potential #2,” by @aforgrave, based on Lone, Battlescarred Stormtrooper at Unplug’d by @aforgrave, on Flickr

“Creativity’s Zestful Potential #3,” by @aforgrave, based on Foam Head in a Deerstalker Cap by @aforgrave, on Flickr

Giulia’s DS106 Shirt, 2nd. Edition

“Giulia’s DS106 T-Shirt, 2nd edition,” art remix by @giuliaforsythe

After five years of tender loving use, Todd Conaway (@Todd_Conaway, on Twitter) lovingly parted with his official Limited Edition Giulia Forsythe DS106 T-shirt.  Todd’s shirt,  available exclusively through the 2012 DS106 Kickstarter campaign by Jim Groom (@jimgroom), had accumulated too many additional holes where there weren’t supposed to be holes.

A quick query to Giulia (@giuliaforsythe, on Twitter) prompted her immediate reply with a link to her original artwork.

“DS106 ALBUM ART” by Giulia Forsythe, on Flickr, based on Goo

It was a little photoshop work for me to prep the image to print white on transparent (essentially, remove the black) so that the shirt colour takes the place of the black, as with the Kickstarter original, but the design is now posted to the ds106zone store on Zazzle.

If, like Todd, you are in need of replacement, you can now get one. If you didn’t have an opportunity to get one in 2012 and would like one now, you can get this 2nd edition release now.

Zazzle will let you choose an alternate colour (as shown above) and cut (women’s fit, long sleeves, etc.) I let Zazzle notify me of their sale events, and try to order things when they are at a nice discount.

T-shirts are available today (July 29th) from the .com store at 40% off with the code SUMMERHOORAY

The DS106zone store is at and you can link to the shirt directly here: Giulia’s DS106 T-Shirt, 2nd edition

A Simple Venn Diagram

“A Simple Venn Diagram”

The Daily Create, tdc2026, ask us to create a Venn diagram that is worse than the two-oval example (people who like ice cream, people who have hands).

Seven Robot, Deluxe Redux

“Seven Robots, Deluxe Redux,” animated GIF by @aforgrave (click image for rock music)

After only getting to try The Daily Create, tdc2016 yesterday on my iPhone, I wanted to revisit the RoboBoogie website on my computer. After playing with the code generator for a few minutes, I started animating all of the robots, and captured each one as a short video.

For each of the seven robot videos,
1) import into Photoshop, isolate 25 unique frames, make the background transparent for each frame
2) import grouped layers into master Photoshop file
3) re-assigned each robot’s 25 frames across the 25 frames within the all robot GIF.
4) add in a background for the robots to dance in front of.

In closing, I made an mp3 of one of the music tracks, and then used the John Johnson trick to make the mp3/ogg playable on a click.

Voila! Seven Dancing Robots!

They also dance on Mars, in Vegas, and in Fredericksburg!

“Seven Robots, on Mars,” animated GIF by @aforgrave (click image for synth music)


“Seven Robots, in Vegas,” animated GIF by @aforgrave (click image for funk music)


“Seven Robots at CoWork in Freddy,” animated GIF by @aforgrave (click image for disco music)

Background Images

What Happened In 31 Days

“The June 2017 30-Day Challenge for The Daily Create, Issued and Met,” image by @aforgrave

The Daily Create, tdc1999, asks that we tell a story in two images and two sentences.

The images are above. The sentences:

  • The June 2017 30-Day Challenge for The Daily Create was issued.
  • The June 2017 30-Day Challenge for The Daily Create was met.

The June 2017 30-Day Challenge for The Daily Create, issued by Alan Levine (@cogdog), has been completed. Over the past 31 days (it took me an extra day to finish up, and those in the know will understand why), The Daily Create prompts have pushed and pulled creativity in a variety of directions, and the resulting ride has been most exciting.

I have documented my creates here on the June 2017 30-Day Challenge – The Daily Create page. The page provides links to both the original prompts on The Daily Create site, as well as the corresponding posts here on de•tri•tus.

I would be remiss if I were to ignore the impetus offered by long-time #ds106 participant, @iamTalkyTina (@iamTalkyTina, on Twitter), who very early on in the month decided to offer a Certification badge for all ds106 folks who completed the 30-Day Challenge. The terms of the certification seem to suggest that as long as one was registered before the June 30th deadline, a small amount of leeway might be granted, and so I will trust that the work and documentation I have provided will put me in the running for the coveted badge. It will be interesting to see in the final tally who all managed to follow through and do all 30 Creates.

Thanks to all for such a fun experience!


Daily Create Shirt – 2017

What Is Your Question Today?

#prisoner106 Summer 2015

#noir106 Winter 2015

ECOO 2014 #bit14

#ecoo14 #bit14 Bring IT Together

#wire106 Fall 2014

Bava/Nobody WIRE106 T-Shirt

3D Anaglyphs

3D Glasses_FLAT AnaglyphBADGE GREY fill BLACK

3D Glasses_FLAT Anaglyph-A-GIF BADGE GREY fill BLACK

The Daily Create T-Shirt


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