@courosa stars on CBC’s The National

Screen capture from Alec's March 24th interview on The National

Top Image: Our friend and colleague Alec Couros (@courosa on Twitter) from the Univeristy of Regina was interviewed this evening on the CBC’s The National. View the clip on Geotagging Concerns — Alec appears 21 seconds into the feature.

Edited image to include a faux byline, featuring common mis-spellings of Alec's name.

Middle Image:I was surprised to note that Alec didn’t receive a byline —  and so I therefore took the liberty of adding one, after the fact. People sometimes mistakenly refer to Alec as Alex, and some also confuse his surname with his twitter handle. Perfessor was added intentionally with the hopes that folks would pause long enough to ponder the validity of the byline.

Re-edited image now includes Alec's brother George. Too Funny!

Third Image: Stephen Ransom (@ransomtech) then decided that the image needed a bit of Alec’s brother George, and so he added some in.

Too much fun!! And, at the same time, congrats to Alec for his continuing interviews with the CBC and his work in helping us ponder issues related to open education, privacy, and social media.