The Ballad of the iPad

I’ve created a little song/photo project that celebrates the launch of the original iPad on April 3rd, 2010. Most of the lyrics were written in the days following the launch, with the exception of the final verse, added just prior to recording.
I just never got around to recording it.

However, inspired by the launch of the iPad2 this past Friday, and significantly motivated by the release this past week of GarageBand for iPad, the music was created and recorded yesterday (March 12th, 2011)  solely using:

  • an iPad,
  • a pair of iPhone earbuds,
  • GarageBand for iPad.

Photographs were taken on April 3rd, 2010, en route to, at, and returning from the iPad launch at the Carousel Apple Store, Syracuse, NY. They were added (via Keynote on my Mac) to the already completed and exported song file.

I’m living (for the moment) vicariously through this former experience, (and, judging by the comments from a few of you who were hoping to do the same yesterday through me), I’m hoping this little remembrance will suffice for you, too.

When I see the reports online about limited quantities south of the border, I’m thinking that I’ll be awaiting the iPad2 Canadian launch later this month.

The lyrics are posted below. Just in case.

The Ballad of the iPad

lyrics by Andrew Forgrave
with gracious acknowledgements to
“The Ballad of Jed Clampett” by Lester Flatt , Earl Scruggs
April 2010 / March 2011

(I so wish the GarageBand for iPad app came with a Banjo voice!)

Come an’ listen to a story,
’bout the Apple iPad.
A magical device,
Some claimed it twer’ a fad.

But early one mornin’,
I arose before the sun,
and headed for the border,
To go and git me one.

[spoken] Apple Store. Syracuse. USA.

As the sun began to rise,
The dark became the light,
I stopped to take a picture,
Then I carried on aright.

Arriving’ at the mall,
Just a little before nine,
I scoped out the store,
And I went to join the line.

[spoken] Reservations. Pre-Orders. Stand Right Here.

With 80 folks in front of me,
and 60 more behind,
I chatted with other Canucks,
Who, also, I did find.**

A Genius came along the line,
A checkin’ off our names.
And welcomed us inside the store
It’s time to play some games!

[spoken] MonkeyBall. Deluxe. YEE HAWWW

I got a lesson from the Genius
On how to turn it on,
But with just a single button,
There weren’t much that could go wrong,

After learning’ about iBooks,
and a little showin’ ’round
I thanked him for his helpin’
And I laid my money down,

[spoken] US Greenbacks. Cash Money. Paid in Full.

There were people buying ones and twos,
and even some with ten,
Their eyes were all a-sparklin’
With Apple magic ken.

I got myself an iPad case,
and some other Apple gear  (gar)
I headed for the checkout line
Then left to find my car

[spoken] Homeward Bound. Great White North. Canada.

So it’s almost year later,
15 Million have been sold.
A new iPad is coming,
Is this first one getting old?

With G’radge Band and iMovie
and a faster processor,
There’s a real strong inclination,
To head/go on back to that store ….

[spoken] Keep your Devices shiny!  Y’all be good now, ya hear?

** The fourth line from the third verse was originally, “Kingston, Ottawa and I” but it was, unfortunately, too hard to sing in meter.
Folks in line around me were from Kingston and Ottawa.