This little item doesn’t re-draw as nicely as I’d like within my WordPress theme when you try to view it on a mobile device (the canvas is on a page that is iframed into the WordPress post framework, which then gets morphed by the Responsive coding now present in the theme). If it looks a bit cut off on your device, you can see the actual page in it’s full glory by linking to the de•tri•tusLAB space where it was test-developed.

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.

The animation is the second in a series of promotion items for our annual ECOO conference, and sat as a landing page at the URL for a couple weeks before the actual site went live.

I found the fireworks code on github, where it was shared by the developer Kenneth Kufluk.

Poking around in the javascript and CSS let me change the fireworks message and background image, adjust the popup content, and place conference logo and the social icons. A nice little learning opportunity, with more learning to follow!