Haiku, Do You?

My good friend and colleague Doug Peterson (@dougpete on Twitter) called me out on his Doug – Off the Record blog this morning, in the introduction to his post entitled, Haiku Deck for iPad Presentations.  Before I get into this, I should mention that Doug astounds me with the regularity of his postings — they arrive every day (at 5:01 am), and many times will be the first thing I read in the morning. Kind of an Internet alarm clock, as it were. If he’s missed a day in the last — oh, I don’t know how long — I must not have been paying attention.

I initially started to compose my reply to his call out in the comment box on his blog, but then decided that all the links would trip up his Akismet plug-in. And so I post it here.

So Doug said:

"Doug's Haiku Call-Out/Homage" by aforgrave, on Flickr

“Doug’s Haiku Call-Out/Homage” by aforgrave, on Flickr

And so, my response. I will let #twHaiku do the talking.

The mighty #twHaiku,
Captures an essence of thought,
In Tweeting moments …

"Haiku Deck, Am I." by aforgrave, on Flickr

“Haiku Deck, Am I.” by aforgrave, on Flickr

Mighty Haiku Deck
Did not escape attention,
‘Twas just averse to verse.

"Haiku LMS" by aforgrave, on Flickr

“Haiku LMS” by aforgrave, on Flickr

And similarly,
the LMS named Haiku,
Also caught my glance.

"EggChicken Hycku" by aforgrave, on Flickr

“EggChicken Hycku” by aforgrave, on Flickr

Tried also Hycku
Social site for poetry.
Posed a mighty koan.

"Spam-ku from Twitpic 358321218" by aforgrave, on Flickr

“Spam-ku from Twitpic 358321218” by aforgrave, on Flickr

This epic treatise,
From Amazon’s far reaches,
Informs consumption.

And in closing,

Some contemplations,
Gather in rumination.
May one day inform.


Thus our moments flow,
#twHaiku blips in Twitter’s stream.
Precious, pure, and gold.

I realize that one typically does not present Haiku together — each should stand on its own.  And each of these does. But together they also provide a bit of a narrative. With some spaces in between.

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