Let’s Unleash Some Creativity

Opportunities exist every day to unleash creativity. Sometimes the urge to create or put ideas together just pops out and a small euphoria at having created something new accompanies it. Making the time to channel that creativity gives it some weight and focus, but valuing the spontaneous affords it just as much importance. Frameworks and boundlessness need to co-exist. Discipline and chaos can sit side-by-side and juxtapose to make something.

I’m intrigued by the discussion that some educators have been having about MOOCs, and have somehow come to believe that there may be some unique value in following Jim Groom’s Digital Storytelling course. Making the time to properly engage in the course as a not-for-credit participant will no doubt be a challenge, but I’m going to take a stab at it, nonetheless.

Albert's Head

By day, I’m a middle-school educator with a background in Science and Math, a long-standing interest in technology, and charged with the task of working as a generalist in a literacy-emphasized environment.

I can’t promise that all that what I make will be Art, but I know that unleashing the creativity will be a positive thing, all the same.