Multi Frame GIF Story: Beaker’s Hair

The ds106 Digital Storytelling GIFfest (known as GIFestivus2012 around here) continues, this time with a two-fer. As well as providing another submission for the Animated GIF Assignment 856: Muppet GIF assignment, it’s also going to reflect a new Animated GIF Assignment 880: Multi-Frame GIF Story.

Thanks to Jim Groom for pointing me at the multi-framed GIF story idea. It seems like an excellent way to highlight important themes or details within a longer narrative, like a movie (hint, hint). But it also tells a nice visual story here from this short muppet clip.

I’ve always wondered what Beaker did to get his hair like that.

Beaker1_280 Beaker2_280
Beaker3_280 Beaker4_280
Beaker5_280 Beaker6_280

Some thoughts, just as I finish finagling these six GIFs into a nice table so they can be viewed in tandem.

  1. I didn’t know that you could get electric metronomes. I guess you maybe need them for really, really long songs.
  2. The fifth panel was made using a small number of sporadic frames that existed as the lights shorted out now and then in the original clip. I thought it would be neat to envision how this might look with a longer sequence of darkness. The big plume in the upper left was the result of a little photoshop editing.
  3. I wonder how this might be different if I applied the “less is more” approach, say three or four key frames per GIF. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll revisit this when I’m out of other ideas for GIFestivus2012.

Neat, eh? Now I want to do this with a movie. I wonder which one I’ll try? Hmmmmm.