Not Necessarily What It’s All Stacked Up To Be

“The Environs,” mapstack image by @aforgrave

Success with this particular The Daily Create, tdc1981, Make Map Art using MapStack was a loooong time in arriving. I’m sure I visited the MapStack website on at least five different occasions trying to get a map — and it was only this evening when I got it to work. I had even resorted to trying different web browsers, thinking that it might need a particular browser to function. Once I got it working, it was simple enough adjust the image — but realizing that there would only be an image once the layer filter had been applied was a bit counter-intuitive. I’m used to seeing the base image BEFORE the filter is applied, and for whatever reason, I kept adding layer after layer with nothing showing up. I would put in location after location, city name, postal code — whatever — and nothing gave me map. I guess I’m spoiled from automatically getting an image whenever I type something remotely address-like into Google or Apple maps.

I am a bit surprised that there are as few “parks” (green) showing up on this map of my neighbourhood. However, it will be fun to visit each of them on my bike over the coming weeks.