Work Space (Animated GIF)


“Work Space (animated GIF), by aforgrave

On January 14th, 2013, The Daily Create 372 asked for a photo “of your favorite place to work (desk, comfy chair, etc.),” and this was the image that I envisioned, my work space at home where I do the bulk of my ds106 stuff.

It took a while to implement the idea. but here it is. I’ve posted a static version to Flickr for the tdc372, but this animated version is just a little bit more fun, so I’ve shared it here.

I thought about re-animating Marnie’s eyes as in my previous GIF, but decided that might be distracting. Less is more. Although a different version of the same picture with the monitor image animated instead of the mic would work. Ah well, in concept only. Move on to something else.