The #ds106radio @scottlo Driveby Show. He’s in a Yaris.

In what promises to be yet another wonderful ‘slice of life’ internet production, our friend-in-the-field, Scott Lo (@scottlo), has launched (at 6000 RPMs!) The Driveby Show.

‘Casting early in the morning from his considerately time-shifted home base of Saudi Arabia, after a bowl of his favourite Grape Nuts cereal, Scott begins his day with his friendly voice, sharing his thoughts over the ds106radio airwaves as he heads off to work in The Yaris*.

"The @scottlo DRIVEBY SHOW" animated GIF by aforgrave

“The @scottlo DRIVEBY SHOW” animated GIF by aforgrave

If you’ve not yet tuned in, you have only to dial in to experience the barrels of black gold that Scott is pumping out. Get the down-lo on the lo-down every day that he broadcasts, arriving here in the EDT at 10:30 pm. Note: We spring-ed forward here Sunday morning, so you folks need to refer to it with the D and not the S for then next nine months or so!

While the complete format new show is still evolving (we want an interview with the Urdu Tea-Master some day), Scott has indicated that he will accept listener contributions for inclusion in the DRIVEBY SHOW. There is now a Audio Assignment in support of this effort, “Audio Assignment 985: Scott Lo The Driveby Show Interactive Audio Contribution “. In an effort to support this new series on #ds106radio, Scott will find a short 3-minute audio clip later today in his email when he awakes. You’ll have to listen in to hear what he makes of it.

As always, when Invoking Enthusiastic Participation, please be sure to always Practice Safe Broadcasting!!

*A note regarding The Yaris.

Were it not for the fact that I’d had a rental car just last week (for the first time in years) I would not have had a clue what Scott was going on about when he prepended his characteristic “the” to the utterance Yaris. As it turned out, I had just driven in one (and my thanks go out to @timmmmyboy, @mbransons, @DrGarcia, @noiseprofessor for their company and the info about where to find the fuel door release switch!) and so I’ve had that context to frame my imagination when Scott mentions it. That, and a coincidental yet synchronistic re-watching that same weekend of Code 46, where Tim Robbins drives a solitary compact car on huge, abandoned desert highways.

"Conceptualizing the @scottlo Yaris DJ Space" animted GIF by aforgrave

“Conceptualizing the @scottlo Yaris DJ Space” animated GIF by aforgrave