Ice Road? No Way! Take a Boat!

Winter Ice Road? Nope! Take a Boat!

So, we were out for a Sunday drive this afternoon (beautiful winter sun, great opportunity for some photographs, unlike the recent “available gloom” that makes capturing light so difficult) and the prospect of a quick over-and-back on the Glenora Ferry came to the fore. Although this makes for a great excursion in the warmer months, we’d never taken the trip in the winter. As seen in the picture above, aside from a narrow watery path from one shore to the other, the bay was frozen solid with ice.

In addition to shooting some stills with my new Sony Alpha NEX-5, I took the opportunity to do a bit of video footage. The camera features both 1080i as well as an in-video auto-focus feature, and the results were remarkably crisp.

Arriving home, I decided to play a bit with the new “movie trailer” feature of the latest release of iMovie. Here is the result:

Resulting from an unplanned foray into the “movie trailer” framework, it quickly became clear that my footage was a bit slim on the requisite “close-up,” “group,” “medium,” “action” shots that would traditionally sit in their appropriate slots.  Clearly the automatic story-telling structure of the trailer templates is best supported by having the right kind of content. But the template-supplied music, the built-in timing of the cuts, and even some of the stock reviewer phrases (substitute your own children’s names here) worked to provide a product that goes at least halfway towards providing a story.

Next steps will be to shoot some video that matches the called-for shots (landscape, action, closeup, medium, group). Including some people will be a good addition, too. And have another go.

In the meantime, here’s a segment of the raw video, featuring the wonderful cacophony of the ice-hull collisions as the ferry ploughs across the bay.

Note that the “auto focus” message that pops up midway through was added after the fact to highlight the camera function — it is not added by the camera!