Redacted, Frozen, Blocked — and Saved.

  1. Redacted: So yesterday I went to check out BudTheTeacher’s NPM2013: Day 14 poetry prompt and found that the image had been “redacted”  (screen capture is fanciful).
    NPM2013 Day 16 Photo Prompt was Redacted

    NPM2013 Day 14 Photo Prompt was Redacted

  2. Frozen: For the past while, my notebook has intermittently been running slow, and periodically locking up (of course right when I’m trying to do something important), and today I confirmed with a technician that there can be freeze-ups with the hybrid SSD/HD drive I installed a few months back.  I had wondered if the RAM in the machine was going, as Memory Cleaner sometimes has a conniption fit every now and then (today, my available free RAM was apparently -14.99 MB (just like that, in the negative, and in red) at one point) — but I was more on track with the hypothesis that it was the solid state storage on the storage drive that was messing with things.  So it’s back to a standard HD for the time being.
    Memory Clean confuses me. I should RTM.

    Memory Clean confuses me. I should read the manual on this to understand it. Use some of that Inactive RAM, already!! There seems to be plenty of that. 

  3. Blocked: And just now, after logging into a coffee shop WiFi, I go to write a post and find that I’m blocked by some kind of filter. Nuts.

    Request Denied by Watchguard HTTP Proxy

  4. Saved: At least the nice customer service representative at my cell provider saved my bacon a few days ago by helping me out with my Internet access, other wise I’d likely go back to working with pencils and yelling things out the windows every now and then.

That would just be annoying.