Dub-Ya on The Tubes

So @dkernohan has been active chatting it up with @jimgroom about #ds106 on the Internet Tubes this morning, and one of the tweets that caught my eye was this RT from David of a cool tweet by @traceymadden.

@dkernohan's RT of @traceymadden

@dkernohan’s RT of @traceymadden

Text-to-speech voices keep getting better and better, and voices with accents are great fun to play with. Over in the UK, some great voices are licensed for use in educational institutions, and in chasing the links to the source, I discovered some great samples by a Scottish company, Cereproc. Very impressive. They would make for great additional characters if one were needing to stage a one-person radio play. Like in the next little while during the #ds106zone extravaganza! The wheels are turning.

From there, I saw some celebrity voices (Obama and Schwartznegger), and very shortly I had linked off to the Bush-o-Matic Beta, which makes use of Cereproc technology. The Bush-o-Matic Beta is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 and lets you play puppeteer to ol’ Dub-Ya. And then download the result as a .swf Flash movie. I converted it, posted it to the youTUBES, and present it here:

and here is the audio-only version for use as a bumper on #ds106radio:

Ah, puppets! Aren’t they wonderful?