Riff-a-GIF: A Kind of Stopwatch

So Brian Bennett (@bennettscience) sought out what Star Pulse ranks as the best episode of all The Twilight Zone series, A Kind of Stopwatch and proceeded to select a great moment from the episode to use as the basis for a GIF.

And as I looked at it, and studied it, in my mind’s eye it suddenly appeared as a two-panel GIF, and the challenge to RIFF-a-GIF was suddenly upon me.

I know that MBS has done some eloquent multi-panel GIF work with coordinated inter-panel timings — but before today, I’d not yet really risen to that challenge. The closest I’d come, I think, was the instance when I took two consecutive camera shots from This Island Earth, and put them together to create a synchronous GIF. Did I ever post it? (Looks like I didn’t. Along with most of my other GIFs from that movie. There’s another project I have to finish.)

As I got into this one, the nuances became more and more important. Like limiting the movement of the chopper body. Like having the appearance of the passing of time while the chopper blades weren’t moving. And then having the appearance of the same passage of time while they were moving. So pacing and rhythm became important. And then the clouds were moving with the rotors, so I worked to sort them out. And then making it look like Patrick McNulty was having a manic kind of fun messing with time. When all was said and done, I was happy.

Therefore, I submit for your consideration:

"Drive the Chopper Pilot Nuts," synchronized two-panel animated GIF, by aforgrave, from "A Kind of Stopwatch."

“Drive the Chopper Pilot Nuts,” synchronized two-panel animated GIF, by aforgrave, from “A Kind of Stopwatch.”

I think this fits into the @cogdog‘s Animated GIF Assignment 859: Riff-a-GIF assignment as well as @iamTalkyTina‘s Animated GIF Assignment 920: From the Twilight Zone, and Beyond …