Dynamic Abstract

The Daily Create for Tuesday, July 2nd <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>tdc541</a> asks us to “Draw something abstract out of straight lines.”

This started as a single straight line in search of inspiration within Sketchbook Pro on the iPad. But it had some kind of symmetry/mirror setting somehow activated that gave me two lines for the one I had drawn. And this continued for each subsequent line.

At the end, this static image was the result.

Serviceable for today’s challenge, but not that inspirational.

Fortunately, between each drawn line (and thus, resulting pair) I did a screen capture, and was thus able to transfer the sequence to my computer and GIF them, start to finish.

That was kind of neat. <i>But still not quite there.</i> After a bit more experimentation with different background colours and some <i>hopefully-not-siezure-inducing colour switch-ups</i>, I got an end product GIF, the process for which gave me some ideas for future animations.

Check out the GIF.

"Dynamic Abstract" animated GIF, by aforgrave

“Dynamic Abstract” animated GIF, by aforgrave