A Point at Which the Purge Takes a Pause


The e-Waste Depot is open today, so I’m going through my storage and finding old tech stuff to dispose of. So far, I’m pushing the pause button for the second time an old hard drive that retains this little blast from the past. This is an old, locally-hosted start page that led off to all the various sites and stuff that I was working on at the time. There’s a larger story to suss out here (how many of the links are still active, for example) that might be of interest to some. For the time being, this hard drive joins another one in the “not quite yet ready for recycling” heap.  Creation date on the page is set as March 21, 2000, last modified February 22, 2003.

The animated GIF is of Johnny Clegg (of Juluka and Savuka fame) — still a fav in my music library.  The creation date on the GIF (its not mine) is December 3, 1998.

And HEY! He’ll be touring my neighbourhood in April 2016.  Still time to get tickets!

Johnny Clegg April 2016

Okay, time to pop up out of this rabbit hole and head to the depot.