Connecting Eadweard Muybridge

Just prior to dinner this evening, Jared Nichol (@mrnichol) and I had a pleasant exchange on Twitter, prompted by the delivery of a Flipbookit animation device at his place this weekend:

The video immediately got me thinking about Eadweard Muybridge, the historic photographer who captured the original images in the 1870 that formed the basis for the sample animation in Jared’s Flipbookit.  The images are historic in that they were groundbreaking attempts at capturing movement through a series of still images. Muybridge was a pioneer what would become motion pictures and animation.

Last year, on April 9th — the 192 anniversary of Muybridge’s birth, Google celebrated with a Google Doodle:

(I will add more here, after the Pasta Explosion has been consumed.)

Apparently, Jared’s device has a tab which prevents the animation from running backward (I had asked that he make the horse do so). To satisfy my own request, and to illuminate those of you who may also be interested, here is the Muybridge Horse (named Occident) running backwards, relative to the original.  Also, for my amusement (and possibly, yours), the horse running forward backwards. You may have to look at the original to appreciate that.

Eadweard Muybridge’s Horse, Re-GIFfed by aforgrave, original from wikipedia
Muybridge's Race Horse, running backwards

Muybridge’s Horse, but running backwards

Muybridge's Race Horse, running backwards forwards.

Muybridge’s Horse, running forward backwards