Bernie’s Mittens Meme

This Bernie’s Mittens meme that hit the Internet following the 2021 inauguration of Joe Biden is a straight up #ds106 photoshop assignment, maybe one point maximum if you found a pre-made transparent Bernie Sanders .png like I did.   

I took a few minutes last night to play.  I got carried away at the end with the Star Trek Bernies

“Bernie on the Beach,” by @aforgrave
“Bernie in the Snow, by @aforgrave
“Bernie at the Office, by @aforgrave
“Bernie on a Wire,” by @aforgrave

Star Trek Bernies

“Bernie on the Bridge,” by @aforgrave
“Bernie on the Bridge 2, by @aforgrave
“Bernie on the Bridge 3,” by @aforgrave
“Bernie on the Bridge – Where’s Sulu?” by @aforgrave

Oddly, the last picture had an empty seat where Sulu normally sits. Was he already captaining another ship in “Wrath of Khan?” I forget.