#tdc3596 DS106 Doodle

#tdc3596 #ds106

Doodle digitally and analogically. Maybe you could use this as your Muse. I did.

This reminds me of the Etch-A-Sketch, which is always a challenge to draw something with — certainly if you have something in mind and you want to get everything to line up!

On my second attempt I managed to get something that was close enough to my ds106 goal. I took a screen capture and carried on in an attempt to add the requisite #4life, but that wasn’t successful so I bailed and used the screen capture of what had previously worked.

Because I hadn’t made GIF in a few days, I put the line drawing into Photoshop, isolated the white space, and created a new layer for each small selection, colouring in each one as I went. In the end, I decided to reveal the doodle outline at the end, rather than at the outset (as was the case when the colour fills was done), et Voila! Art!

If this image of the Taj Mahal was done on the Etch-A-Sketch, then there must be a website somewhere that collects other similarly well-executed artwork done using the device. Hard to believe, but I guess if you put in your 10 000 hours developing skill with the Etch-A-Sketch, it must be doable.

This Taj-Mahal is the image of the Etch-A-Sketch that accompanies the Etch-A-Sketch Wikipedia entry.