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The Girl’s Amazing Eyes

I spent some time this evening watching the first half of Mario Bava’s The Girl Who Knew Too Much (this weeks entry in Jim Groom’s BavaFestival) , and I just had to stop watching and make a GIF.  I was moved to start GIFfing by number of wonderful bits in fairly rapid succession, and I wanted to […]

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BavaFest (Black Sunday) Asa Wants Out !!

I’m behind in Jim Groom’s Mario Bava Festival — put it down to an intermittent Internet connection, … and other stuff.  In getting caught up, here’s an initial contribution (albeit tardy) for the Week 1: Black Sunday (1960). I did spend quite a bit of time on this GIF, getting rid of some lighting artifacts. […]

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Redacted, Frozen, Blocked — and Saved.

Redacted: So yesterday I went to check out BudTheTeacher’s NPM2013: Day 14 poetry prompt and found that the image had been “redacted”  (screen capture is fanciful). Frozen: For the past while, my notebook has intermittently been running slow, and periodically locking up (of course right when I’m trying to do something important), and today I […]

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It’s Time to Fly

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by VinothChandar My Big Bug Eyes have seen just about all there is this here Leaf has to offer.   It’s time to Fly.   Bzzzzzzzzzzzz. by aforgrave April 17th, 2013. #NPM2013: Prompt 17 April is National Poetry Month. Check out budtheteacher ‘s NPM2013 Daily Prompts, and […]

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Inspiration Interruptus

Perhaps, far worse, than Coleridge’s Kubla Khan affair   Is the worldly loss of poems unimagined, unwritten, unshared.   Redaction Interrupts Inspiration. by aforgrave April 16th, 2013. #NPM2013: Prompt 14 April is National Poetry Month. Check out budtheteacher ‘s NPM2013 Daily Prompts, and unleash your inner poet!

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No Bison Skulls

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by dok1 In my childhood’s eye, Where time is slower, We find it, there, beneath the beech.   No bison skulls, or tumbleweeds, Like on TV. No ghost towns, here, Where we lived.   And yet, our find, Parked there, for years, Was too far gone back […]

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This little item doesn’t re-draw as nicely as I’d like within my WordPress theme when you try to view it on a mobile device (the canvas is on a page that is iframed into the WordPress post framework, which then gets morphed by the Responsive coding now present in the theme). If it looks a […]

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Night Sky Reminiscence

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by ` TheDreamSky Night Sky Reminiscence Conjunction of memory, Triggered by conjunction of moon, and planets.   Between dinner and the play, we walk The Danforth.   Photons marked the moment. Captured in memory. Rereflected in the night sky of the now.   Lifetimes. Lifelines. Orbits intersect. […]

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NPM13 Day 1: After the Show. The Show Begins.

After the Show. The Show Begins. Aspiring scientist. Aspiring artist. After the Friday Night High School Dance.   Unused Dry Ice. Leftover. Take the plunge and ask , “Can I take this home?”   Already Schooled.   The special effect tech has already talked of lasers. And blind spots in his eye.   After a […]

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