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The Headless 106’s – Greatest Hits

The Daily Create, tdc1990, asks us to share a band and album cover for which the band is missing something — Men without Hats was given as the example. Back in the fall of 2013, a “headless” version of ds106 was envisioned whereby the course would be available online for “drop in” and community participation, […]

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Almost Realistic!

The Daily Create, tdc1987, asks us to use the Fotogenerator web tool “to turn a series of line sketches into a photo.” We are then asked to assess “how scary or realistic” the results are. Below you can see the sketch I drew (a bit tricky, using your mouse to draw on in the input […]

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Mask That GIF!

I was flipping through the DS106 The Daily Create twitter stream this afternoon and I came across a post by Mariana where she had tried out a GIF making app — ImgPlay. Her assessment was that the app created a rather large GIF (too large for Tumblr — been there!) and with some undesirable movement […]

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Twitter’s Interface Redesign Cuts Corners to Compete with Google’s G+

THE INTERNETZ – In a bold move, Twitter (@Twitter, on Twitter) has issued an interface design to prop up their flagging network usage, and to complete with upstart challenger social network, G+. “While you can’t say you heard it from me,” reported one Twitter executive who denies having said it, “we have been eyeing those […]

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Themes on a Song of Peace from Finlandia

The Daily Create, tdc1979 asks us to share a song with a message of peace. I’ve always had a real fondness for Jean Sibelius’ Finlandia Hymn. The challenge thus became to select something nice from Youtube to share. As it turned out, there are a number of wonderful renderings available, and so, rather than choosing […]

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Daily Create Shirt – 2017

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Bava/Nobody WIRE106 T-Shirt

3D Anaglyphs

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The Daily Create T-Shirt


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