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ECOO: A Culture of Safety, Respect, and Trust

In alignment with our Equity Statement , ECOO publications and events are intentionally created with the goal of ensuring that all members, especially the most marginalized, feel safe and respected and can build trusting relationships that enable direct and productive feedback.

We have committed to interrupting inequitable practices, examining biases, and creating inclusive publications and events.

As such we have adopted the Expected Behaviour and Event Code of Conduct created by ISTE for their events and online forums.

Expected Behavior

During ECOO hosted events, ECOO expects its members to communicate professionally and constructively, whether in person or virtually, handling dissent or disagreement with courtesy, dignity and an open mind, being respectful when providing feedback, and being open to alternate points of view. Likewise, when sharing information about the organization or any attendees or participants via public communication channels, ECOO expects participants to share responsibly and clearly distinguish individual opinion from fact.

Event Code of Conduct

In order to provide all participants with the opportunity to benefit from ECOO events and activities, ECOO is committed to providing a friendly, safe, supportive, and harassment-free environment for all conference attendees and participants regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion or other group identity.

This code of conduct outlines the ECOO expectations for all conference attendees and participants, including all members, speakers, vendors, media representatives, commentators, exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers. Cooperation is expected from everyone, and organizers will actively enforce this code throughout this event. Violations are taken seriously.