ECOO FCL Amazon Future Engineer Virtual Field Trip Event!

If you haven’t experienced co-taught lessons yet, we’re going to let you and your students in on a wonderful surprise. 

ECOO is partnering with Fair Chance Learning (FCL) and Amazon Future Engineer Project* (AFE) to provide a week of Virtual Field Trips for you and your students exploring the technology of Amazon’s Fulfillment Centres! 

We are thrilled to be able to offer up this opportunity to get an inside look at how coding, computational thinking, algorithms, machine learning and engineering are applied in everyday life. You will come out of this experience saying “Wow. I didn’t know that!” — a whole bunch of times!  🙂

You are invited to register your class for one of the FREE virtual tour lessons to take place during the week of May 17-21, 2021. There are 8 time slots available, and you will receive links for your students to join the tour whether they are with you or not. You’ll notice that you can register outside the week of May 17-21 but these are the only dates that have special prizes for ECOO members.

A Teacher Toolkit for the visit has been created to support you with curriculum connections. Students are encouraged to ask questions of the engineering experts and answer questions posed by the tour guides as the tour takes place.

Full Details “One Pager”
Teacher Toolkit
Message from ECOO President
Student Workbook







We have not forgotten about our french educators and their classes either!  The Amazon Future Engineer Virtual Field Trip for our
francophone classrooms will tour a facility in France with french guides and engineers. Watch for updates later this month!

Get more information register your class today! 


But there’s more!

Remember we mentioned prizes? Throughout the week of May 17-21, participating ECOO members will be entered in THREE, count ‘em, 3 door prize draws for great swag from Amazon and FCL. If you ever needed an incentive to renew or get your ECOO membership, this is it! 


Have fun, and register soon!
ECOO Board of Directors

*Amazon Future Engineer is a program that provides equitable access to computer science education to underserved and underrepresented youth.