#NPM2012 Day11: Midnight Lesson

"refrigerator" by xJason.Rogersx, on Flickr

"refrigerator" by xJason.Rogersx, on Flickr

That night,
While all the house a slept,
Mine feet into the kitchen

The icebox door
(was not a jar),
Entice-ed me
yet from afar.

And close-ed, as it was,
It beckoned.
Hence, (I reasoned)
((And I reckoned))

Open it, I must,
It seemed,
And doing so,
Perceived a

Close the door,” (A lesson!)
“Can’t you see,
The Salad Dressin’ ???”

by aforgrave, April 11th, 2012.

#NPM2012: Prompt 11

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