#NPM2012 Day12: Just Add Another App

"Slide Rule Detail" by Dominic's pics, on Flickr

"Slide Rule Detail" by Dominic's pics, on Flickr

With Sputnik incentive,
Science education reformed,
To send Rockets to the Moon.
The slide ruled.

My father’s parting gift,
Upon retirement from teaching:
A calculator
(plugged into the wall)
With a memory!

Near High School grad,
Our Math Head gave us these,
Anachronistic slide rules,
Nostalgic, at the time.
Tho’ my HP calc
would programs mine accept.
I still have both.

Me, I missed the punch cards,
By one year.
Somewhere at the Uni,
a hard drive stored our work.

And now, though calculators still raise eyebrows
(number facts, some say)
An iPod does so much,
Just add another app.

by aforgrave, April 12th, 2012.

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