2012 Happened, Along the Way.

So. 2012 “happened” over the past 366 days. A very different year for me, to say the least.

Despite the best of intentions and a strong start, my 2012/366 project resulted in only 66 photos. They fit into a single screen-capture.

“2012 Happened Along the Way” by aforgrave, on Flickr

I can’t attribute the decrease in postings to the October 2011 demise of The Daily Shoot, as I had already slowed down my daily reviewing of photos and regular posting during the too-busy summer of 2011. And the shortly-thereafter arrival of the Today’s Posting provided a new regular source of inspiration, for those instances when it was needed. I didn’t really leap up to that new challenge.

Some of my attention did shift early in 2012 to the ds106 Daily Create, which emphasizes not only photography, but also drawing, audio, video and other media forms on a randomly rotating basis. But my participation in that, too, faltered over time.

I don’t want to admit that I jumped ship from Flickr to Instagram, but I certainly did start using the Instagram iPhone app frequently, and cross-posting to Flickr once in a while. Pending the outcome of the Instagram terms of use kerfuffle this past month, if I do start using the new Flickr app instead of Instagram, I’m not sure that I want to start populating my Flickr photo stream going forward with iPhone derived, Flickr-app filter-applied shots though. I like my Sony NEX too much. And that’s kind of the Flickr-community that I know.

In short, my focus has been off. And, to misquote a scene from SNL, “Well, I’m working on it …”

While I’ve mulled over finding some Lego to build my 4th consecutive 365 starter photo (2010, 2011, 2012), I may find myself shifting to another sort of building block for the 2013 image. We’ll see. I have roughly seven hours to decide and implement.

At any rate, I do intend to take my NEX-5 out of it’s backpack pocket more regularly in the coming days. It does help with seeing. And the images help with reflecting, and writing.

As this simple screen capture has done.

And so, onward into 2013 …