Wicker Baby: Ping Pong Frustration?

Perhaps you can come up with a better story than I have?


Wicker Baby: Ping Pong Frustration, by aforgrave (Animated GIF)


Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher) tweeted out a picture of this doll sitting on the wicker chair in the sun back on January 30th. At the time, the doll looked spooky and looked GIFable. I asked Jabiz for a few more pictures, and, despite being halfway around the world in Singapore, he managed to fire off another three shots on his iPhone, and tweet them out as the sun was setting and his dinner was approaching.

4 ” ‘Doll on Wicker in the Sun’ ” pics by aforgrave, on Flickr assembled from originals tweeted by Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher) on Jan. 30th, 2013.

As things would turn out, this project was more difficult than I had originally thought it would be. I did quite a bit of work that first day, trying to get the doll animated. But differences in lighting and position across the various photos made it a bit of a bear, I ran out of time, and the project languished. Tonight, my eyes scanned across my folder of GIF projects still in development (I have too many unfinished from GIFestivus2012!) , and I so decided to finish this.

I have introduced another element to change up the story, as it were, and to add a bit of interest. What do you think might be going on?  Maybe Jabiz or his kids have a good explanation?