The ds106 GIFfer Inducted into The Smithsonianary Institute

“The ds106 GIFfer,” by aforgrave, on Flickr

Submitted in response to the ds106 Design Assignment 950, “A Memorial For Fairuz’s PC.”

I decided to create a generic tribute to all the great workhorse computers of all ds106 artists — at some point, some day, your trusty computer will say, “I am done,” and it too, will take its place, in the Smithsonianary Institute. In actuality, this image of The Unknown ds106 GIFfer, rubbing shoulders with UNIVAC, will stand in its place.

This remarkable photograph of UNIVAC was taken by Trey Ratcliff (Stuck In Customs) and cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Stuck in Customs:

The image of the ds106 GIFfer (minus the stickers, I added those) was found in multiple versions on the internet. Original image source unknown.

This was a fun assignment, no doubt.

May your own, personal ds106 GIFfer last until you are ready to replace it, and beyond. #4life.