Infinite Dash of Rainbow

I’ve had this GIFestivus2012 GIF done for a few days. It’s for Ben Rimes’ Animated GIF Assignment 871: My Little Pony, Friendship is GIFtastic.

Rainbow Dash and the other pony look like they’ll be flying for some time now. Check back later to see if they’re on a break.


It took quite a bit of fiddling to get this one close to a loop. But now it looks like an old Hanna Barbara cartoon where the characters are fake running in front of the rotating scenery. Still a lot of frames — I edit these things down as best I can! It still looks good at 16 colours. But large at 1.3 MB for this 640 pixel wide image.

More recently I’ve had some success reducing file size by adding transparent sections to various frames, and having the non-changing parts present on only one common frame. But there’s nothing in this one that repeats. Each frame is different.

However,  we’re getting there.