Entre Nous

The Lyric Typographic Poster design assignment asks that you choose one of your favorite lines from a song and illustrate it using only typography. “Consider how the font, color, sizes and placement of the typography can reflect or emphasize the meaning of the words.”

“Entre Nous” by aforgrave, on Flickr

I’ve been meaning to use this lyric for the Lyric Typographic Poster design assignment for a long time now. When I first thought about doing this assignment, this lyric jumped to the front of the queue as having a lot in it that could be represented in a typographic poster (the concept of spaces between was the clincher, I think). The illustrated text is the second half of the chorus.

When design week came around this time, I decided I would hunker down and do it. Shortly after getting an overview of the week’s preferred assignments, and with the classic Rush song making one infinite loop in my iTunes, I started working on this. For the font, as a reference to the idea of planets and orbits, I chose the free font Outer Limits by Shyfonts (extended upright version). Perhaps I should have selected some kind of paper texture or colour for the background, but by the time I stopped working on this that day, I was feeling stuck, and not sure how to proceed. I know it could be better, but I wasn’t feeling how to move forward, so I just put it aside.

Now, a few days later, I look at it, pull the planets back from their hidden status, and decide to push the post button. The white background works for now. Its emptiness supports the sense that there is nothing between, leaving space. Mustn’t fill it in.

There is always another time. The lyric will remain. The inspiration for revisiting this poster will come from within the space between this incarnation, and the next.

Entre Nous

by Rush

From the 1980 album, Permanent Waves

We are secrets to each other
Each one’s life a novel
No-one else has read.
Even joined in bonds of love,
We’re linked to one another
By such slender threads.Verse
We are planets to each other,
Drifting in our orbits
To a brief eclipse.
Each of us a world apart,
Alone and yet together,
Like two passing ships.
Just between us,
I think it’s time for us to recognize
The differences we sometimes fear to show.
Just between us,
I think it’s time for us to realize
The spaces in between
Leave room for you and I to grow.Verse
We are strangers to each other,
Full of sliding panels,
An illusion show.
Acting well-rehearsed routines
Or playing from the heart?
It’s hard for one to know.

Chorus (repeat)

“Permanent Waves” album jacket, Rush, 1980

If you watch this video, you will see Alex Lifeson playing a Les Paul Gold Top — which has a nice connection for me, as it was my eldest son’s choice when he purchased his first guitar after his 13th birthday.

“New Guitar for MrGuitarMan,”
by aforgrave, on Flickr