Banzai, Buckaroo!!

Unfinished Business: Some Movies Could Make a Gazillion GIFs

So I have a whole whack of GIFs that I was working on for a movie back during GIFestivus2012. You know, enough GIFs for a nice Multi-Panel GIF Story Assignment

The thing is, I still have folders of image sequences for some more GIFs to go along with the ones that are done — I’ve not worked on that set in over a month — and to post only some would not do the story summary idea justice.

New Business: So Just Start on Another Movie!

But Wednesday night I took a look at another old favourite movie and started making GIFs from it. So now I’ve got a second multi-panel series underway. And I can see myself plugging away at that for some time to come.

The thing is, I’m not going to wait on these ones. I’m just going to post ’em as I do em. Rather than have them languish in the digital GIF equivalent of the old photo drawer in the living room book shelves, these are going to get shoved up onto the mantel for folks to look at as they walk by on the way to the TV. (That’s just a metaphor for posting them here on de•tri•tus.)

These aren’t in a specific order. I’m not going to ensmallen them into a table so you can look at them collectively. They don’t necessarily tell a story. YET. Even if you don’t know the film, I expect that you will likely enjoy these as they are, in a nice 600 pixel wide format, and for me, as GIFs, they create a little bit of art out of another bit of art.

And just so you know, I’m thinking I’ll do a ds106radio show one night with some chatter about this film. It’s one of my favourites from way back. And so, allow me to present some GIFs from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Across the 8th Dimension


“Flame Stand Clear” animated GIF, by aforgrave on de•tri•tus 600 pixels, 128 colours

Buckaroo's Oscillation Overthruster, In Action," animatedGIF by aforgrave, on de•tri•tis

Buckaroo’s Oscillation Overthruster, In Action,” animatedGIF by aforgrave, on de•tri•tis

"Dial It In!" (Clearly, Buckaroo was a #ds106 participant), by aforgrave on de•tri•tus

“Dial It In!” (Clearly, Buckaroo was a #ds106 participant), by aforgrave on de•tri•tus

and then, jumping way ahead in the narrative, we arrive at the aesthetically fascinating torture scene, where Dr. Emilio Lizardo (Evil Lord John Worfin, a red lectroid from Planet 10) tries to get Buckaroo to reveal he secrets of the Oscillation Overthurster by subjecting him to The Shock Tower.

"Will You Talk, Banzai?" animated GIF by aforgrave on de•tri•tus

“Will You Talk, Banzai?” animated GIF by aforgrave on de•tri•tus

"You're Not Getting Jack from Me!" animated GIF by aforgrave on de•tri•tis.

“You’re Not Getting Jack from Me!” animated GIF by aforgrave on de•tri•tis.

"More Power To Him" animated GIF by aforgrave   on de•tri•tis

“More Power To Him” animated GIF by aforgrave on de•tri•tis

… And that’s what I’ve got done at this point. I think I’ll head over to visit Dr. Emilio Lizardo in the sanitarium (before he escapes) next. John Lithgow has some wonderful over-the-top faces in this film. There must be at least three good GIFs in there, just need to find them.